09 July 2013

the woman in white. {book club}

I've always wanted to be part of a book club (I'm a total nerd, yes, I know)!  And not having finished a lot of books since Judah was born, I thought being part of a book club was the perfect solution.

We met Monday night for dinner, dessert, tea & tremendous discussion over the enrapturing classic - The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins.  Company with these ladies (dressed all in white, I might add) was food for the soul...and a good way for me to read the book to it's entirety!  It was what I always thought a perfect book club would be - sharing the love of reading with food and some hearty laughs.  Can't wait for our next one!

"Let the music speak to us of tonight, in a happier language of our own..."

pic pix: book club night, my house, 08.Jul.2013


Allison Jane said...

It was such a lovely evening. Thanks for being such a marvelous hostess! xo

sarah nadine said...

@Allison Jane - it was a fun night! i'm so glad we could enjoy the evening eating, sharing, and more importantly, laughing!!



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