29 October 2014

tender moments.

Much like this post, I can see that nearing birthdays is going to be a time of nostalgia for me.  These boys are the quintessence of my role as mama and I mean, with cuteness like that face, how can I think they are anything but perfect?!

This little darling has found a way to take over our hearts.  His smile is seriously the most infectious thing.  And the contagious laughter he can spout out can convince you to give in to nearly anything.  The fun he already knows how to have makes me so proud of how smart he is(!).  He takes on what's in front of him with such confidence and I can see, he'll always be a go-getter.  A good hunter.

Hunter Elias, there isn't a day that I don't give God the praise for you being in our lives.  You fit perfectly into the you that you were created to be.  I'm so blessed to be called your mama.  I love you so and am looking forward to this time of celebrating you and your precious life. 

pic pix: at the park, last week, Calgary, AB

27 October 2014

colorboard / no.33

color: oxblood / grey / blue tones
word of inspiration: embracing the season
source of word: In life, seasons are constantly changing.  The only way to enjoy it (whether hard or easy) is to welcome it with open arms - jump in with full enthusiasm.  Seeing as it's autumn, oxblood and it's counterpart colors seemed only fitting for this seasonal board.

/1. this scarf is perfect for all seasons  /2. boots  /3. baseball tees for days  /4. love this quote, love this graphic  /5. favorite coat rack  /6. you can always use another watch  /7. not only would i love to have this quilt, i hope to one day make it  /8. perfect rocking chair, in a nursery or not  /9. cute bar stools  /10. bison love  /11. totes need this tote  /12. loved this coffee maker so much, i bought it and the matching kettle  /13. i'll take two, for the boys

26 October 2014


Judah West & Hunter Elias: yous are far, the best (and cutest!) kitchen cleaning helpers I have ever known!

21 October 2014

creating time.

Lately, I have had no more time to squeeze.  It seems from the minute I wake up, to when I crash for bed(!) every moment is taken with something.  For a gal who loves to be in control of her life, it can get frustrating.  And as fine print to that last statement, I should add that I like to be in control but I dislike routines!

Before I was married, I always squeezed in "my time" at the very end of the day - which could also mean some early mornings.  And actually, after we got married and even after I had Judah, I could predictably have the hours after Matt and Judah went to bed to be create.  read.  blog.  think.

But if you know me and have talked to me recently (this past year), you would know my world has changed drastically with Hunter being born.  Having a colic baby has shaken my world.  Yes, having kids PERIOD will change the world you once knew, but his life has actually been my hugest life change to this point.

What I could at one time control - my time - has been upsetted.  Sleep deprivation galore, post pardum depression, and lack of "me time" have made me look at my personal staple of needing control more as an issue (as clearly, I can live without being in control or EVERYthing, ALL the time).  And as it turns out, my frustration has ended up controlling me more than me actually being "in control of my life".

Don't sin by letting anger CONTROL YOU.  Think about it overnight and remain silent.  Psalm 4:4

There is nothing I would change about this shaking process in my life, because I've needed to experience it...and I got a darling munchkin out of the deal!  I've needed to be awakened to the selfish way(s) I've lived my life and to be challenged at how I've actually used my time.  Even right down to cleaning my house, I haven't wanted to let a schedule/routine dictate me.

But as I should be, I'm learning once again.

Learning that routine carries more freedom.  Learning that everyone benefits from structure.  Learning that if I don't make the time for something, it won't happen (i.e. blogging, reading, paperwork).

For all the earth is the Lord's, and He has set the world in order. 1 Samuel 14:17

If my Creator has made a perfect order in this world, He must have a perfect order for me.  Right down to how often/which days I do my laundry, or when I should schedule dates in with my boys, or when to blog, etc.

I'm definitely in the early stages of this Sarah Nadine "re-org", but am looking forward to the freedom that I know will come with it.

*On a related note, how do you place routine in your life?  Any tips for this newbie?!

pic pix: a picnic lunch with the boys - on a day we scheduled nothing but to be together, Sep.2014, Fish Creek Park, AB 

19 October 2014


Judah West: you call this our family park and you especially love this train.
Hunter Elias: that smirk just about says it all - t r o u b l e ! !

05 October 2014


Judah West: You were very happy to pose for these pictures (with your great Auntie Shirley) and are quite proudly telling the story of how you scraped your nose after you crashed your bike with your buddy Bentley.
Hunter Elias: Like most moments, you are extremely happy that I bring snacks to the event.  Not only did you eat your snacks on this excursion, but your brother's and mine also.


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