26 October 2010


One essential ingredient for being an original in the day of copies is courageous vision.
Charles Swindoll

Ever get a wind of excitement? Surge of energy? Ideas don't stop flowing?!? It's not a daily occurrence for me, but when it ever does happen ... it's usually right in the middle of the night!! True as blue, I woke up slightly tired this morning because of it. How do you stop expressive creativity? Even work innovations (work blog/newsletter, new commands in CAD, efficient ways to do this&that) have been forming and shaping in my mind lately. It's SUCH a refreshment, a feeling of "doing what I'm supposed to be", satisfaction because of the smallest details ... its originality ... it's being natural.

pic pix: windmills following creation's example, PEI, May.2010

20 October 2010

blitz trips.2

As promised ... some visuals from me and my Dad's rendezvous in NYC!!

pic pix: NYC memoirs, New York, NY Sept.2010

18 October 2010

look up to

Who or what do YOU look up to?!

"...follow me...", Jesus
John 21:19 

pic pix: avid fan of the Liberty Lady herself, Liberty Island, NY 19-Sept-10

14 October 2010

roughed out

I looked at this bark and thought, "Is this how it was intended to be?" ...  a beauty mark, perhaps, explaining just that?

As Matt was fishing the other Saturday, I was poking around the Highwood River, trying to cocoon every color my eye could see into my camera's viewfinder.  Were the colors ever delicious!  While taking in as much as I could with the morning's light, the word "intent" answered as a whisper, replying to my thoughts...

why do the beautiful colored leaves need to fall so soon?
that is what God intended ...
is there a point to little pimple-like bumps on a log?
maybe we'll never know ... but they were intentionally put there, quite possibly to be intrigued about!
how can plants grow IN these rocks?
 it was intended that they were to grow, so growth is what the Creator allowed ...

There is intention with every creation, down to the minute details of one insect grabbing pollen from a flower so that flower may reproduce itself.  We can be awe-struck just watching "it" all happen.  When it comes time to looking at ourselves in the mirror and seeing 'creation', it can be difficult ... realizing God's intention for placing us where He has.  Yet, when witnessing such beautiful moments, I remember and relish His promises, His goodness, and anticipate what is yet to be attained as I follow Him in faith.

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me ...your love, O Lord, endures forever - 
do not abandon the work of your hands. 
 Psalm 138:8

pic pix: eye "relishes", Highwood River, AB, Sept-10


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