30 September 2013

our day in pictures.

/1. a healthy start is always a good one.
/2. liked this out-of-focus view ... the colors!
/3. a special little friend we hung out with today.
/4. the gold medallions everywhere these days.
/5. he's looking so big all the time.
/6. comfy layers.
/7. little people lunches.
/8. out of the thousands of leaves, this one caught my eye today.
/9. yup ... she's feeding him raisins.
/10. a sweet autumn gift from an all-season friend.
/11. journaling.
/12. i guess he's into flower arranging now.
/13. these happy feet.

24 September 2013

colorboard / no.19

color(s): pendleton mix of black & red
word of inspiration: cozying into autumn
source of word: "Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." ~ George Eliot

1. an all-season blanket, clearly a must have  /2. sweet shades  /3. watercolor barn  /4. funky playing cards  /5. if there's a double stroller i covet, it's this one (wow, i'm such a mom!)  /6. this hat  /7. i'll take a pair of these for my two children, and me!  /8. bad apple dark red studs  /9. love this vintage calligraphy collection  /10. metal picnic box...a need, right?!  /11. rad hunting jacket for m'love (ok, i'd wear it too)  /12. "watching" for a deal on this

23 September 2013

hello fall.

We had the privilege of taking a quick trip out to Farimont (with my family!!) this past weekend.  If you've never driven on the road from Banff to Radium, you sure are missing out and it's time that you do it. There were waterfalls and mini-hikes along the way ... with wildlife popping out everywhere (I saw deer, a bear, coyotes ...).  Truly lovely.

There's something so nostalgic about the mountains for me.  Probably because I grew up with them always just sitting there in the west horizon.  Their beauty will never cease to amaze me.  Their grandeur will never lose it's adventurous appeal.  Their familiarity will never grow old.

Much like my cozy mountain reminiscence, I feel exactly the same about autumn.  It's sentimental, adventurous, comfortable scent.  The fact that everything seems cozier and thicker (sweaters, blankets, layers, food!) even though we do some of the very same things in other seasons.  It feels like a season that you can start new projects and have the confidence to see them through.

There's so much to anticipate this fall for us ... a brand new baby for starters!  It's going to be a fun season.  A beautiful season.  A season to create new memories.

And for all of this ... I can't wait!

pic pix: up at Numa Falls, Kootenay Provincial Park, BC, 22.September.2013

15 September 2013


As mentioned previously, I've been working on our company books as of late to get caught up before baby no.2 arrives.  It's been a little time consuming, but I am almost there!  There's something so satisfying about seeing work accomplished like that, though, everything has gotten a bit behind because of it (from laundry to date nights...things are piling up!).

Thankfully, we've not put off socializing (I just wouldn't be sane if we didn't!) and we're still trying to squeeze out every ounce of this summer.  As the days stay hot and the nights get cooler, I'm loving the fact that we can still wear shorts all day and cuddle up with blankets at night.  This is the perfect time of year for outside fires...I foresee a lot of those in the weeks to come!

It's been hard to find the time to get out and shoot (pictures) right now, but the ones I have taken lately have been of Judah...the greatest little subject that lights up this mama's busy life right now.

pic pix:
1. & 2. he likes to hide in everything.
3. movie night with the guys.
4. & 5. he loves wearing his yellow rubber boots.

05 September 2013

reading list.

As goes my 4 month planning schedule, September is the last third of this year's cycle (Jan-Apr; May-Aug; Sep-Dec).  Over the past few days, I've been compiling things I want to accomplish/see/do/learn/explore from now until the end of December.  It's an inspiring time of year for me.  With Autumn approaching, I get more nostalgic than any other time of year.  It was always so exciting to start school and to pull out big sweaters and boots.  I seriously had the same cozy thoughts as a seven year old!

Here's the list of what I will be reading and absorbing from until December:

The Power of a Parent's Blessing
Miss Bossypants
Book club book - *to be decided soon*
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
Supernatural Childbirth (notice a theme here?!)
a novel?

What are some of your reads these days?  I love to pick up a new book if you have any sweet suggestions!

pic pix:  books I will be reading, at home, Aug.2013

04 September 2013

thoughts, things.

All I can say is ... poor Matt.  I'm at it again.  Cleaning floors like nobody's business.  "Needing" to have every single room in order before this little baby makes it's debut.  I'm constantly boomeranging ideas off of him (boomerang method: you talk and you answer yourself).  I've set a lofty goal to have everything in place by the end of September ... we'll see!

Time with G-Baba.
Over the long weekend, Judah, Yaya (aka - my mom) and myself to a crazy plunge and went to Ontario for 3 days (yes, including travel time) to see my cousin tie the knot.  I was so excited to see my Baba and to have her meet Judah.  It was just the saying goodbye that was the worse part.  I seriously can't wait to see her again soon.

Garden for days.
Remember that garden that I planted a while back?  Well, we went to harvest it the other day, and look at the goodies we found!  I have yet to shell all of these peas and prepare the beans for freezing, but wow ... I feel like this is what you would use to describe plethora!  *not seen, the mass quantity of all of these things!

Being Sick.
It seems, with this pregnancy, I've been sick non-stop.  Travelling definitely doesn't help but both Judah and I were just getting over a bad bug on our way to Ontario.  Fortunately, he hasn't caught anything yet.  It's just Matt and me that have it (boo!).

Business Paperwork.
I've been using all my extra time to work on our company paperwork/books.  Slowly, I'm making progress (woot, woot), but I can not celebrate until it's done done.  Hopefully, only a few more weeks until we're totally caught up...in the meantime, you know where to find me.

31/32 Weeks Pregnant.
At my last ultrasound, they were talking as if I was a week further along than the date that I have been going off of.  It would be great if it were, but I'm not sure if ready either way!

03 September 2013

colorboard / no.18

color: putty
word of inspiration: moments you discover new things about yourself
source of word: You know how some brands "name" their clothes? One time, I found a shirt I liked.  It's name was putty.  I didn't realize the main reason I bought it until my mom pointed it out to me - I was in love with the name.  To this day, if I like the name/font/color of something ... it's usually the reason I buy it.  

1. cuff bracelet /2. love this nail color for the fall (are you surprised, Brittany?!) /3. how could i have a putty board without a putty knife? /4. i think i'd wear these all the time /5. linen sheets...putty linen sheets...le sigh /6. abstract watercolor-me likes /7. a coach bag, a must /8. vintage floral skirt, swoon /9. really like this short sleeve overcoat thing /10. cute alamo birdhouse /11. we all have a purpose for an old key or two.


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