04 September 2013

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All I can say is ... poor Matt.  I'm at it again.  Cleaning floors like nobody's business.  "Needing" to have every single room in order before this little baby makes it's debut.  I'm constantly boomeranging ideas off of him (boomerang method: you talk and you answer yourself).  I've set a lofty goal to have everything in place by the end of September ... we'll see!

Time with G-Baba.
Over the long weekend, Judah, Yaya (aka - my mom) and myself to a crazy plunge and went to Ontario for 3 days (yes, including travel time) to see my cousin tie the knot.  I was so excited to see my Baba and to have her meet Judah.  It was just the saying goodbye that was the worse part.  I seriously can't wait to see her again soon.

Garden for days.
Remember that garden that I planted a while back?  Well, we went to harvest it the other day, and look at the goodies we found!  I have yet to shell all of these peas and prepare the beans for freezing, but wow ... I feel like this is what you would use to describe plethora!  *not seen, the mass quantity of all of these things!

Being Sick.
It seems, with this pregnancy, I've been sick non-stop.  Travelling definitely doesn't help but both Judah and I were just getting over a bad bug on our way to Ontario.  Fortunately, he hasn't caught anything yet.  It's just Matt and me that have it (boo!).

Business Paperwork.
I've been using all my extra time to work on our company paperwork/books.  Slowly, I'm making progress (woot, woot), but I can not celebrate until it's done done.  Hopefully, only a few more weeks until we're totally caught up...in the meantime, you know where to find me.

31/32 Weeks Pregnant.
At my last ultrasound, they were talking as if I was a week further along than the date that I have been going off of.  It would be great if it were, but I'm not sure if ready either way!

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