28 February 2013

color board / no.8

color: plush pink, keen peach, and august yellow
word of inspiration: commence [begin;start]
source of word: when I think of the "commence", I envision the start of a day...the dawning light. anyone who is a part of the start of something has the benefit of feeling like a new day is beginning - fresh air, beautiful skies, clear & quiet, uncomplicated.

1. can envision myself wearing this all the time /2. cute scarf /3. 5x7 print for your home /4. peach & strawberry sorbet recipe  /5. bag = for me /6. these soaps look good enough to eat /7. abstract map watercolor...love /8. everyone needs a yellow coat rack


Ever had those moments where you realize that you've been "sleeping" for a few days and have just woken up?  Even the regular routine of life hasn't felt normal because you've been coasting through out of habit.  That's me to the "T" today ... just waking up and feeling like I'm seeing the sun for the first time this week.

It could be that I had a good full night's rest(!) and the sun IS shining so beautifully, and both Judah and I are happy today, and....etc.  But this morning, some of my first definitive thoughts were on God's goodness and how He allows us to "rise and shine".  Then I saw this instagram picture and knew God was pressing something on my heart.

"Your thoughts, how rare, how beautiful!  God I'll never comprehend them!  I couldn't even begin to count them--and more than I could count the sand of the sea.  Oh let me rise in the morning with you and live always with you!"
Psalm 139:17-18

This morning, I am thankful to rise in the morning with our God.  I am blessed to live life with Him near.

I am awake.

A song to kick off your morning.  Another passage to read.

pic pix: new mexico morning, Oct.2013, Albuquerque, NM

26 February 2013

void spots and favorite stops.

As we have officially bought a house *happy dance*, what I thought was busy is only going to get busier!  Our possession date is March 27...which means we've got a whoppin' 29 days to get 'er done!!!  I can't wait to share the new house tour with you in a month's time(!).

In the meantime, as I've been a little bit caught up with the purchase of our home, my creative space has been a little lack.  I feel my thoughts are much like the clouds & blue sky in this picture - potential for substance is there, yet this mystery of a void exists between connecting the subjects, leaving a feeling of being unfinished, almost dangling mid-air.

Usually, when I get writer's block, just need some fresh inspiration or require some gelling to bring my thoughts together , I read and look at other people' "stuff"(blogs, books, art, houses, pictures...you name it!).  These are a few new places I have been visiting lately:

Rob Bell - a collection of unique randoms.
I've really appreciated this guy's perspective and his ultimate love for God.  He's written a few books, pastored a church, made videos...and just starting a few weeks ago, he's been posting daily(ish) tumblr style blog posts.  Music, books, mini sermons, a bit of everything.

Amanda Muse - yummymummy vlogger.
This gal is a Canadian girl living with her family in Malaysia.  She vlogs and shares, well pretty much everything of interest/delight to her.  I heard about her through a mutual friend (who lived in the same building with her in Malaysia) and now I subscribe to her weekly posts.  Worth checking out at least.

herwelshness - a good instagram follow.
She pairs her pictures with some of the coolest quotes.  Ones like, "I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently?  And then it covers them up snug, you know with a white quilt: and perhaps it says "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again." ~ Lewis Carroll

Daily Dishonesties - quirky bits.
This artist has put together a few pages of "timeless white lies" that we tell ourselves and created them into creative signs.  The things we think to ourselves sometimes...

Pastry Affair - talk about a food montage.
I'm digging the photography and the recipes over on this site - the pictures are so becoming and the recipes actually seem do-able.  And hello?  Who wouldn't love some bruleed grapefruit?!?

The Doctors Closet - vancouver lifestyle blog.
This mama-to-be shares a little bit of everything in her space - fashion, home decor, health, shopping, etc.  She's also got a cute line of jewelry.

A Beautiful Mess - an always something interesting blog.
The title says it all...finding the beauty in just about anything!  DIY, tours, recipes, documenting, the home, there's a little bit of everything over here for the eclectic heart.

pic pix: void to to fill, 23.Dec.2012, Banff, AB

23 February 2013

happy weekend.

"A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books."
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

pic pix: Judah loves to "talk" on papa's iPhone (if it's a real phone or just a toy, he likes to talk!), 21.Feb.2013, at home

22 February 2013

color board / no.7

color: shades of camel brown *with hints of black*
word of inspiration: decision [a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration]
source of word: we've had so many final/closing decisions to make lately ... these are the colors that have been swirling around 'upstairs' as we've been making them.

1. vintage suitcase /2. if I wore glasses, I'd wear these /3. like the look of this for my desk /4. good sketching pencil /5. shadow watercolor /6. likin this shawl /7. retro style camera /8. macadamia nut oil goodness /9. me likes this eye shadow

20 February 2013

receiving from the source.

What a crazy time of life this has been for us...moving, growth of business, new church "home (all shared about here).  It's felt like a continual shower of blessings lately!
Through these "winter showers", I've (again!) been learning more about myself and am realizing there are some big imbalances with parts of my thinking.  One area specifically...being a "Receiver".  Can't say it's been entirely effortless or continual that I have been a total "Giver", but somehow by doing/giving/"sacrificing", I've justified this misconstrued thought about receiving things:

better to give than receive = it is more "righteous" 
to be in the giving position than on the receiving end. 


When I break down the root of this thinking, what I am really saying is that I believe that I am better, and I can do better than what anyone can give me...including God.  I've (unknowingly) warped a beautiful thing that God freely releases to me, and have turned it into another area of pride in my life.  The pride of "me" being my source.

A tangible example for me...money.  I've always thought, "If I work hard I can make it.  If times get hard, I'll just take an extra job and push through.  I know I can do it: 'GO ME'".  (Prick a pin to that bubble and it'll pop pretty fast!).  It's as though I've made myself the source of my dependency.  Not even considering the One who created everything that I need, I live thinking, "I'll give what I earn."  Never in the position to receive, always in the position of doing and busy-ing myself and feeding my ego in the process.

In Matthew, Jesus shares how we don't have to take it all on ourselves:

Come to me.  Get away with me and you'll recover your life.  
I'll show you how to take a real rest.  Walk with me and work with me - watch how I do it.  
Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.  I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you.  
Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly.
Matthew 11:28

Again, I come back to this passage (and I can guarantee ... it probably won't be the last!).  It's SO simple, but with that little bit of pride, I complicate it all too quickly.

It's only my God that can fully take care of me, give me sweet rest, refresh me, TAKE MY BURDENS.  If I have been overwhelmed by His blessings already, I can't even begin to imagine what more He wants to/could lavish upon me when I open my hands and receive all that He gives.

God is changing me and impressing on my heart that blessings don't just happen in seasons (i.e. winter showers) ...

Blessings happen everyday.  Now receive.

pic pix: a walk around johnson's lake, Nov.2010, Banff Area, AB

19 February 2013


Today I am so thankful.

Especially for the man who I get to spend my life here on earth with.  It is he who loves me, protects me, cares for me, serves God with me, encourages me, walks with me.  There's no one else who can make me laugh the way he does or challenge me quite like him.  His humble, forgiving, serving, and giving heart continues to radiate and influence me for the good.  Watching him father our son...makes me so proud to call him my husband, the papa I want my children to admire just like I do.

I'd say ... I'm still quite smitten with you Matthew.  Love you for always.

Happy Anniversary.

pic pix: courtesy of Perspectiveye Photography - our wedding photographer, 19.Feb.2011, Bragg Creek, AB

18 February 2013

eight months ...

Not only have I moved out of my carrier car seat, I've moved on from playing in a 5' diameter...the house is now my playground.  This new freedom of crawling and exploring has given me an endless source of new toys and fun!  I love door stoppers, garbages, the broom, and any piece of dirt/lint/muck that I can find.  We now vacuum daily (if not twice a day!), so no longer am I afraid of the vacuum but rather, am quite excited when Mama brings it out.

"Jambon Garcon" ("Ham Boy") was a new nickname I was given yesterday.  When I continue to fake laugh and squeal just 'cause everyone is laughing, Mama says I'm being a ham.  Not sure if I really get it yet.  Speaking of food, the flavor of the month (again) is squash...I just can't seem to get enough.

Mama and Papa say that I'm quite the story-teller.  Sometimes, I hold up a toy (or a phone) to my ear to talk, or just interject with a story even though other people are talking.  And you can't tell a story without being expressive, right?!  They also point out that I love people.  If we are at the mall, or at church, or with our family for family nights...I like to let everyone know that 1. I'm there and 2. I can see them (by waving, reaching, or grabbing to give kisses!).  I can't wait until they can actually understand what I am trying to tell them!

This month has held a lot of new thrills ... I can't wait to see what next adventures come my way this next month!

pic pix: on this buddy's 8 month b-day, 13.Feb.2013, at home

16 February 2013

happy {long} weekend.

"Some thoughts are so profound, so weighty, you just scratch your head.  It takes a very sophisticated person to scratch their feet at times like that..."
~Benson Bruno

pic pix: Judah debating if he should give his papa a kiss, at home, 15.Feb.2013

14 February 2013

dear switzerland ... i'll be back.

Almost 4 years ago, a friend and myself met up with some family (both her side and mine) in random spots within Switzerland, France, & Germany.  A quick trip, it was.  But SO full of memories, experiences, fun, food...tons of stuff!

As I was thinking about spring today, all I could think of was how beautiful the Alps will be once the weather is a bit more moderate.  There's something about the rolling hills and yellow dandelion mounds everywhere that sang "spring" to me as we were there.  It was picturesque ... including the little weekend cottage/flat we got to stay in.

Wood piles, town & country walks, breath-taking views, delicious meals ... just you wait beautiful, little Switzerland, I'll be back!

pic pix: a few of the many pictures of our brief Switzerland adventure, Meiringen, Switzerland, May.2009

13 February 2013

color board / no.6

color: periwinkle and copper
word of inspiration: solitude
source of word: La Solitude is my aunt & uncle's spa/bed & breakfast.  Never have I seen these colors in her decor, but when I think of a relaxing, retreating color and place, I think of periwinkle, copper, and there.

1. comforting tea of Paris /2. another pretty door /3. oodles of love for this ring /4. darling little stuffy /5. pastel earrings /6. would like this keychain to tote around /7. iris toned watercolor

12 February 2013

finding a home.

Thankfully, we have until April 1 before we need to be out of our rental.  Though, it is more of a relief that we will not have to move by March 1, my mind has still been consumed with the thought "Where are we going to live?".  Funny how that very question pertains to other some parts of my life right now too... 

A while back, I shared how I dislike to put things away (here & here).  It was shortly after writing those posts that I was discussing the 'art' of putting things away with my Mom...my very wise mother(!).  She raised the thought that it could be more of an issue of not "having a home" for items - if that be a home found in the garbage, a journal, a storage box, or a dresser - that made putting things away harder for me.  

It's so true ... I dislike putting away clean, folded clothes into a crammed full drawer.  Or,  I think, "...why go through a stack of papers when they will become the new stack of papers on your desk when you're through?"  How can I put things away (thoughts, doubts, clean dishes, etc.) if there is not a "home" for it?  

Having a place for stuff to be put back to and found, allows my brain to rest and not strain to memorize or keep tabs on simply everything.  

Easy or obvious, you may be thinking, but how many thoughts are swirling and twirling in your head before you sleep?  What decision remains unsettled?  What is so hard to put away?  Is your head and/or heart at rest?  

Yes, my soul, find rest in God. ~ Psalm 62:5a

Today, the question is ask myself is: where is the home for "this"?  Do I need "this" in my life?  If so, let's find it a home.

pic pix: house blocks painted by Mom, April.2008, Mom's house.

10 February 2013

hope you had a happy weekend.

We had such a busy week and it had been a while since we've seen our Rockies - that kind of combo called for a drive out to Elbow Falls today.  I'm so happy we had a chance to relax and rest up for the coming week.

Hope you also had a beautiful weekend!

pic pix: me & my guys, Elbow Falls, AB, today

07 February 2013

color board / no.5

color: eggplant purple
word of inspiration: blessed [blissfully happy or contented]
source of word: "...taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him..." ~ Psalm 34:8

1. beautiful parisian door /2. a chaise worth hunting down /3. almost ombre glassware /4. another new york city watercolor/sketch...love /5. it beads me /6. clutch - the leaf vintage one is cute too! /7. black raspberry+vanilla bean ice cream

06 February 2013


Money Matters
Due to our busy week, it's been a bit quieter over here (blogging).  Matt and I have been taking a financial course (running Monday-Thursday evenings) which adds that little bit more to our plate.  So far, I've been challenged to approach God's blessings in my life very differently:
what God creates, He gives birth to and sustains
Simple.  So true.  Yet, mind blowing.  I'm sure after I have the chance to chew on this stuff, my thoughts will be spoken.

House Plans
A few weeks back, we had put an offer on what we thought was the 'perfect' house for us.  Well, it apparently wasn't as the competing offer won and sold to the right buyers!  A good thing with the process: we were able to move our moving date until April 1st.  A wee less stressful(!).  It's been a blessing having my brother as our realtor...makes it that much more memorable.  Though it's fun to look at houses and dream, I am very much looking forward to calling one of them home soon.  

Yesterday, I pulled this volume out to read again.  Ahhhh...again, so refreshing.

Power of the Tongue
In my Tuesday morning Bible study, this past week we were studying the power of the tongue.  How incredible is it that we can build and destroy with a small muscle [tongue] and mere letters formed together [words]?!  A simple joke, a sweet, thoughtful comment, a tid-bit of gossip, an encouraging text...the power these hold have struck me again to be mindful and purposeful about what/how I say things.

Love of Music
With Judah crawling over the place these days(!), I've not only had to clean up more and vacuum, I've had to hide the guitars!  Currently, they rest on floor stands (in the new house going to change to these).  The minute I don't have him in sight, *guaranteed* I walk over to the guitars and lo and behold, there is my son.  If he had the chance, I'm sure he would pound on the piano if he was tall enough (*note: he pounds on the piano when we bring him up to it).  A noisy love he has, but I am so excited he is drawn to music!  another note: I hope we can get this little music maker for him someday!  In red, naturally.

04 February 2013

today's walk.

Sometimes, doing the simplest of activities (like walking) makes you feel even closer to God...a simple reason why I love to be outdoors!

pic pix: afternoon stroll with the little lion man, Fish Creek Park, 04.Jan.2013

01 February 2013

happy weekend.

"There are only two ways to live your life.  
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."
~Albert Einstein

pic pix: his life is a miracle to me...guitars are a miracle to him, Calgary.AB, 01.Feb.2013 at home


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