25 January 2010


You know when you get back from a trip/vacation/break ... everything seems fresh, new, almost unconsuming?  Schedules, deadlines, and other "things" of that nature aren't placed as priority as much as valuing the moments you can create being at home, enjoying that which you saw and now where you are. How, I ask, do we get at that place continually where we NEED a recess again?

Today, I was pining for that sentiment to bring me through these wintery days!  So, for a bit of consoling, I scrolled through albums of photographs of my favorite trips.  When I came across this photo my face became aglow!  This young, Panamanian's beam and beautiful eyes were somethings I didn't want to forget in that little village of Llano Bonito, Panama.  It seemed that most of the people living there were content ... truly happy ... you could see it on their faces.

These are people who have little to nothing, who see and preserve the value of their lives, customs, and traditions ... a people who, I'm sure, have never craved that "feeling" of refocus as I do after an out-of-my-world experience.  Regardless what they have or haven't done, its what they DO that I concentrate on today.

It's because of gratitude that I've been so excited coming home and viewing life differently and it should be by that same genuine delight that I may be content today.  Not rummaging for feelings or sensations, but allowing God to show me that He brings new mercies, fresh innovations, and exciting prospects when I am thankful for my very geographical location ... TODAY!  right HERE!

...I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want...  philippians 4:12

Smile with me wherever you are today ... being thankful of your present surroundings and the past 'thrills' that brought you here.

pic pix: 2 of my Panamanian friends, smiling - Llano Bonito, Panama Feb.2009

20 January 2010

some salt with that?!

Isn't this moose cute?!  We saw him last weekend in a parking lot near the trail we went on finding "flavor" as he was licking the salt off of some cars ... poor guy got spooked by a dog and bolted soon after these shots.  A posed thought ... wonder what the car owner thought when he saw half of his car clean?!

pic pix: one "licky" moose, outside Canmore (Spray Lakes area), AB 09.Jan.2010

18 January 2010

candaci ... happy birthday!!!

happy birthday candaci!! celebrating and thanking God for you today!

pic pix: one of our 'random' adventures! Nanton, AB Jan.09

14 January 2010


do snowy caps have anything to do with thinking caps??
maybe not, maybe perhaps ...

It was such a nice break last weekend, not working either of my jobs, to drive out to the mountains and enjoy ...

... quiet ...
... fresh clean air ...
... stillness ...

After giving my time over to just BE, by resting my thoughts, time constraints, chatters, goals ... I find myself anticipating precious 'God thoughts', realizing fresh innovation, striving with vigor to be fruitful and productive with what/who I am.   Today, I thank you God, for allowing my eyes to see, and my mind be free ...

pic pix: deep snowy trail - masked with whiteness, outside of Canmore, AB 09.Jan.2010

09 January 2010


Tonight, as we were deciding what kind of movies we wanted to watch, the most popular suggestion was to get a 'thriller'.  Instead, we ended up watching a chick-flick (The Proposal) and one with a little bit of action/sci-fi (Star Trek)!  Either which way, the word 'thrill', acted as reverberating bells chiming in this little thinking cap ... "do I really know the meaning of this word?" [almost like when you repeat any word over and over and over ... soon it doesn't sound like a familiar language!]

More than just a feeling, it is the 'experience' that has occurred that actually produces the emotion or wave of excitement we thrive off of.  Not every single circumstance will merit that rush or stimulation, but it is my humble guess that we don't 'thrill' enough in our everyday.  For what we think we 'thrill' in, is limited to simply the 'buzz', or 'high'.

The state of being thrilled is to rejoice! (rejoice : [be happy, be pleased, be pleased as punch ... be thrilled ...])
"...REJOICE in the Lord always, again I will say REJOICE!!"

Chapter 4 of Philippians, one of my "go-to" passages, reminding me how to walk and view each and everyday.  Do I REJOICE in the Lord?  Do I say REJOICE regardless if I feel the surge of emotions or not?  When I say REJOICE, am I in the state of being thrilled to the point I can say, "I (will) thrive from this?" and say REJOICE again?!

pic pix: my 'like-sister' Sara & I jumping for joy, Toronto Sept.2010

06 January 2010

happy new ... day!

Today, Matt and me-self went for a little drive and gallivant outside the city.  I got to shutterbug away and enjoy what I see as a nearly 'perfect day' ... fresh air, creation to capture, a little bit of adventure ... all with my favorite person!

 ... happy new day!

pic pix: county roads outside of Calgary, 05.Jan.2010


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