24 February 2010

barbed boundaries

i am at my barb wire fence

it is stark, unwelcoming, bare ... a picture of unrest
this is the point i've come to
unknowing, yet believing, fearing, yet trusting
that further than my present state
awaits a peaceful blanket and belt of time
bringing peace, certainty, warmth ... grace encompassing

past this barb wire fence
is a freedom beyond my expanse
this is a point where i choose perspective
not my immediate borders, but rather divine directive
i can choose to see it bleakly
or walk past this partition meekly
accepting an immeasurable gift of a pure and perfect panorama
or simply not moving or seeing any further than

my barb wire fence

pic pix: a view to a farmer's field, DeWinton AB Jan.2010

12 February 2010

up close

The closer you near a subject, there is more that is revealed.  Sometimes pain, as a wound that could be freshly exposed, tender, or premature.  But usually deep revelation exclaims beauty.  For that which is uncovered from shed-able surfaces is truth ... organic and raw.

Must be why so many of us like things like natural foods, true friends, and divine nature.  We crave this reality that allows us to get to the core, past all the masks and facades.  Our desire is authenticity.

Teach me you way, O LORD
 ... and I will walk in your truth.
Give me an undivided heart
 ... that I may fear Your name
[psalm 86:11]

pic pix: one little flowered bud, Kananaskis, AB Jun.09

09 February 2010


Sad story ... my camera is officially broken :(  The other day, I was out on a drive wanting to capture, click, and create ... after these shots, no more camera.  Just wish I could buy my dream camera {as of right this second - camera that I covet} ... sigh!

pic pix: some ground I covered (ha!), Okotoks, AB 04.Feb.2010

04 February 2010

a prompt

As I was driving yesterday, I stopped at the crosswalk to let this elderly lady walk across the street.  Right as she was passing the front of my car, instead of waving or smiling she gave me the "peace" sign!  My immediate thinking was assuming that she was saying, "Yo sista, peace to ya...", and I found myself laughing out loud as to what was going down in front of me!  Then I thought, "Is that just a signature two-finger wave?".  Finding myself giggling again, I figured not, because her index finger and middle finger were distinctly separated forming a 'V' ... I finally concluded, she was saying, "Peace..."

Peace is an oasis I can't just get or attain or work towards ... nor is it just a feeling or 'place' that can be created.  It's a gift that's given when I find hope in more than just messages or signs, but in God's loving arms.  As I am facing so many decisions and life 'movements' right now, what that 'lil lady shared with me was the exact prompt I needed to retreat back to my Savior's shelter.

It can get so crazy without a 'balance'.  A balance between having understanding and wanting to know the reason and "why?" for everything and having an assurance and calm heart that as long as I abide in my Father, He'll bring peace. Because I'm such a "why?" learner, and need to see things visually to understand, I need to continually be reminded to walk in unseeing ways.

He knows my steps, my breaths, and my desires ... He will bring me peace.  

...When PEACE like a river attendeth my way.  When sorrows like sea billows roll.  Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul... [Horatio Spafford]

pic pix: mountain run-off from Spray Lakes, Canmore, AB Jan.2010


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