15 July 2013

colorboard / no.16

color: soft salmon
word of inspiration: God's irrepressible, sustaining grace
source of word: "You and I may find ourselves overwhelmed at times - at the end of our rope and beyond.  But we will never fall farther than the palm of His hand.  And where He has called us, His grace will sustain us." ~ Joni Earekson Tada

1. salmon in the natural, enough said /2. love this color for my nails /3. summer clutch /4. love this style of tank /5. who doesn't need a little scribbler? /6. this would be so cute on juju /7. love all of this shop's hand-stitched stuff /8. pretty paper /9. gah! this could be my vintage bag...! /10. why i'm always drawn to these antique sofas, i don't know /11. dear infinity scarf, i love you

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