29 July 2013

my portion.

Why should I feel discouraged?
Why should the shadows come?
Why should my heart be lonely.
And long for heaven and home.
When Jesus is my portion...
My constant friend is He.
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know, He watches me.
His Eye is On the Sparrow ~ Civilla D. Martin

When we are faced with little discomforts in our lives, it is tempting to fall into the lie(s) of believing "this is just what I have to live with", "this is my burden that I've been chosen to figure out and carry alone", or "others have their own issues...this is mine".

If it's a matter of healing of the heart or body or mind, our loving Father wants the ultimate for us...with Him.  For even a small creature like the sparrow is able to find it's ideal home near where the King lives:

"Even the sparrow finds a home...near your altar, o Lord of heaven's armies, my King and my God!"
Psalm 84:3

No where in God's truthful words to us does He say that we have to be stuck.  Actually quite the opposite.  He wants us to be FREE and unbound in His presence.  But by believing the lies of what our "portion" is, we miss those moments of His immeasurable freedom.  We think that our hearts can only get so full.

The song above reminded me that if I believe that Jesus really is my portion, there can be nothing, I repeat nothing that can constrict me or stop me from fulfilling the dreams/desires/freedom in my life...today, right now.

So I let go of the foolish lies.  I open my heart's ways to Jesus-size portions.  I receive.  I celebrate!

With my whole being, body, and soul, I will shout joyfully to the living God!
...What joy for those who can live in your house, always singing Your praises.
Psalm 84:2b, 4

pic pix: a September run-taking in God's perfect detail to even the smallest of things, at a park I still consider my backyard (even though, it's not really!), September.2011
p.s. LOVE this song!


~ callee ~ said...

I love this post! I want to walk down that dirt road!!!!

Mariel said...

Loved your words, and encouragement. So blessed by your writing dear friend! Hope you're having a blast in PEI! xx

sarah nadine said...

@callee - i'm sure one day you will! just a plane ride away :)


sarah nadine said...

@mariel - thank you for your encouragement! it's cool how God uses all of our voices to share what He wants us to hear.

would love to see you soon!



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