22 July 2013

camping weekend.

We had the chance to {finally} get out camping this weekend.  I was a little nervous as last year, Judah was just a newborn and therefore easy to keep entertained while camping.  While this year, our mobile little monkey kept us on our toes!  It was fun to see him run around with his cousins and explore new things-like the taste of a marshmallow (though the fire really made this mama nervous!).  Some other highlights for me included finishing a book, naps, snacks, and our fishing boat excursion on the lake...which Judah loved!  To end the weekend in a 'bang', we had a crazy thunderstorm/lightening storm hit.  It was beautiful and scary all at the same time...I'm just glad everyone stayed safe and our tent remained dry(!).

An awesome weekend to kick off our 2013 camping season...we're ready for it again next weekend!

pic pix: bits & pieces of our camping trip, Pine Lake, AB, 19-21 July, 2013


fawne said...

Thank you for finding and booking this for us. We had a great time and made lots of special memories. Will never forget that thunder storm! :-)

sarah nadine said...

@fawne - it was pretty unforgettable! can't wait for the next trip together :)

missing you guys!



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