26 April 2010

it's about time

 ... TIME ...

is of the essence [Unknown]
is the justice that examines all offenders [William Shakespeare]
is ticking away [DCTalk]
(the reason for ...) is so that everything doesn't happen at once [Albert Einstein]
is free but priceless [Harvey MacKay]

It's wild how the idea of time slipping away is perpetual, continuous through the ages.  I'm convinced that it has got to be the sole thing that we try to use the most efficiently and effectively.  We gauge the productivity of our lives as a ratio of what we can accomplish to the seconds/minutes/hours/years we are given.  We apply so much pressure on ourselves to perform within this gifted window we consider precious ... this waking moment is a present (aka. the Present).

I've been working around the clock lately ... 2 jobs back-to-back with 1/3 of the amount of sleep I need!  It is only for a "time" (I reassure myself by saying so!!), and does not feel so much as a gift but as a period I cannot speed fast enough through, like driving down the highway ... behind a cop!  Slowly, the dissatisfaction of my 'current' can turn into a resentful attitude towards everything going on-within my relationships, my dreams, my career, my purpose.  Dissatisfaction can turn to unhappiness, to bitterness.  Places and thoughts we don't have the time to entertain.

View time differently today
 ... valuing the continuous breaths of air
  ... remembering the aspirations that are charging and encouraging to utilize every given moment
    ... reaching and receiving this opportune gift, changing what you can

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven ... 
[Ecclesiastes 3:1]

pic pix: sparklers celebrating Dad's BDay, Calgary, Alberta, Jul.09

10 April 2010


It was SO nice to have brunch with the "beauties" today!  All my sisters ... one by blood, one by namesake, one by our timely 'African' watches :)  To laugh, share, eat, and bond was a reminded blessing of how privied and blessed I am to be surrounded in such gratifying relationships.

Love ya ladies ... to the "moon"!!

pic pix: our ladies night, Nov.2009  

05 April 2010

good morning

Good Friday, we went for a very early morning drive (like 6:30am early!!).  The light was clear and there were no clouds in the sky ... perfect for capturing the colors and contours that cascaded from the sunrise.  Matt had described how this church 'lit up' so early in the morning.  It was almost more illusory to see it's solitary stance amidst a barren prairie with the cross shining so radiantly than actually hearing about it!  After driving some more, then seeing some deer (a young buck too!), we stopped at one of his worksites where I clicked away trying to savor every line, angle and detail ... it's mornings like these that I wished I had his job :)

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

pic pix: outside of Okotoks, AB, 02.Apr.10


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