17 December 2014

this tuesday / 05

. just hearing Judah stir for the first time this morning - praise hands for a great sleep in
. glad I got an hour of Hunter time already under my belt - double praise hands because he slept in til 7:45!
. loving that the watch-the-Christmas-tree-in-the-morning tradition carries on.  we really need twinkly lights up all year round.

. picking up cupcakes for our business' appreciation lunch today - how privileged and blessed I feel to be part of such a thing ... a business!
. though wishing I could stuff my face with these cupcakes, I'm just thankful that I didn't have to stay up even later last night making them.
. thankful that Hunter still naps in the car.  now if only Judah would ....

. praise God for His grace!  still getting past my humiliating last 5 minutes of navigating our way through Toys 'R Us to find the bathroom as my 2 year old is yelling as loud as he can that he doesn't want to be takes away from the trucks BUT ... I'm very happy that God gave me the grace to smile back at the scowls and that Judah was receptive to my correction (once we got to the bathroom, of course!).

. praising God once again that the line up for check-out was short and that we can leave this happy crazy place.

. loving that nap times have arrived.

. glad that i had at least 40 minutes to myself - good morning Hunty-bear.

. so grateful Matt brought home dinner tonight, and that we are done eating already.
. pretty excited this darling husband of mine us up for a Christmas lights drive tonight.

. feeling pretty awesome that the boys went down to bed quite easily and with minimal fuss.

. it's nice that the grocery stores are open late so I can grocery shop kid-less .

. love that I'm home from grocery shopping (finally!)
. bonus that my husband will let me vent my grumblings of grocery shopping and tonight's ecpreirnce.
. it's cool that i have all the resources I need to complete little jobs around the house.
. we're so blessed to have food to eat, without even having to think about it.

1:27am (17th)
. happy thoughts about that bath I'm about to have ...

pic pix: frosted tree in our front yard this thankful tuesday, 16.Dec.2014, at home Calgary, AB

16 December 2014


Judah West: you are always so imaginative.  i hope you never lose that creative, ingenious spark about you.
Hunter Elias: you are always so curious.  i love gaining your perspective of life by the things that interest you.

11 December 2014

colorboard / no.34

color: hunter green with gilded gold
word of inspiration: reminiscing
source of word: Clearly, I just love the name of this color ... because of my sweet boy!  But this combination makes me reminisce much too.  My mom has a glassware set along the lines this one that I am swoony over and always keep my eyes peeled to find one for my self.  So finally, I found a small little vase that was similar.  I've used it for little flower buds, as a candy/cinnamon holder and mainly as my creamer.  Until ... I broke it this week.  Guess it'll be something I can remember(!) and I'll once again be on the hunt for some antique green glass with gilded gold.

/1. because i don't have enough throws already  /2. feeling this felt hat  /3. i recently won a gift card via IG to this sweet shop and am eyeing up these fabulous feathers  /4. i need this set and it's counterpart too  /5. if only i could find this a garage sale or something  /6. my kind of locket  /7. always in search of the perfect notebook - love this one  /8. judah picked these out for this board, good taste my boy!  /9. quite like this pullover for moi  /10. and this watch?! wowza  /11. this could be festive, all year round at my house

08 December 2014


Judah West: you take your christmas decorating serious and you do it with much joy.  i love when you have a happy heart.
Hunter Elias: all of a sudden, you love hats and want to wear them all the time.  i don't mind that one bit and i love your kissable, sweet cheeks.

07 December 2014

oh christmas tree.

Due to limited time, we weren't able to get out to the mountains to pick out our tree this year BUT, we were able to get down to Ikea to pick out the very next best thing.  I mean, for $20, you can't go wrong!  Matt has got this knack for picking the "best ones" and he did it again.  We've now got ourselves a full tree (which I don't have enough lights to cover!) that smells oh-so-delicious and is waiting for our simple decorations to cover it.

It's been so fun to see how Judah is computing all of the festivities this year.  Watching him brings me back to my childhood ... in tree lots picking out the perfect tree with my family.  Hunter is great at supporting his brother in any type of antic (dancing in the tree lot for one!), and I love that I get to be part of their memory making in life.  Sigh ... I'm sure sentimental these days (hashtag sorry not sorry).

pic pix: tree picking @ Ikea, 06.Dec.2014, Calgary, AB

04 December 2014

well, hello december.

It's only December 4, and we already are shoulder-deep in Christmas season busy-ness!  I was writing out our monthly calendar, realizing that the few weekends that are in December are nearly full and only to get more compact.  Between balancing our business, church commitments, visiting family and friends and keeping our little family happy, anything extra lately has felt like a mountain to get through.  I'm not here to lament, but maybe vent just a little(!).

Despite the month's occupied minutes, this is still one of my favorite seasons.  Not only does the world recognize the birthday of my savior, but people's hearts are so open - to give and receive.  I think in the midst of chaotic traditions (some of which I totally love, by the way) there is just a rawness in each person.  Allowing themselves to feel.  I've been praying that my heart would be open to bless as well as receive - sometimes it's easy to get caught up just prepping and being part of things that I don't see the blessing people are being TO me.

Like my kids.  Their innocence and pure perspective of life is so refreshing.  We had a rude gas guy come check our lines the other day.  After being here for a bit, he asked Judah what he was going to get for Christmas.  And maybe Judah misinterpreted the question, but his matter-of-fact reply was, "Jesus."  My mama proud meter was clocking in way off the charts as I heard him unselfishly answer, and the hardened man actually smiled and (I believe) was touched by such an answer from a little guy.  If Judah realized what his answer meant or not, the simplicity he shared it with was not only refreshing to me but that man also.

I know I constantly write about wanting life to be simple ... it's because I do, and I can't shake it.  I want simple answers like that to be what changes days or even lives.  I want the unembellished rawness of people to be what I connect with.  And crazily enough, even with all the decorations and trimmings of the season, it's like I said: I feel like people open themselves up this time of year to just be ... themselves.

I hope you open up and receive the blessings that this season have to offer ... whether if it's what I love about it or not.  Embrace what side of the spectrum you need to grow in - if that be receiving more or giving more.  This time is meant to be celebrated, so lets!

pic pix: the start of our advent gifts (still haven't wrapped December 7th and on , 04.Dec.2014, at home

30 November 2014


Judah West: lately, you haven't been letting me take your picture.  i'm sure glad i was able to sneak this one in!
Hunter Elias: trains, trucks, wheels - anything that goes, you need to be part of!  i'm also surprised i was able to nab this picture of you as you are also on the go, all. the. time.


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