20 August 2014

this tuesday / 04

As far as I was concerned, today was not a "Tuesday".  The boys slept until 8am, and we got out the door after breakfast for a walk down in Fish Creek Park.  When I say walk, I mean to say, "intentional crawl down the pathway"!  Judah and Hunter got to hang with their 4 buddies and 1 little lass, while, I got some Sarah-time with two of my faves.  After lunch, we headed home and I got to visit with another dear friend while the boys slept.  

I'm pretty sure I was over-the-topped blessed today ... especially for a tuesday!

pic pix: today, Aug.2014, Fish Creek Provincial Park, AB

14 August 2014


Oh, it feels so good to be home!  You know you've had a good vacation when you return home and are so happy to be there.  Idaho was more than spectacular for us (in so many different ways), but, like Dorothy once said, there's no place quite like home.

We came back to our house undergoing some serious landscaping ... which, I might add, is ALMOST done!  Yay(!) for a back yard again.  Once we are complete, I'll be posting some before pictures of this whole garage/backyard project.  But until then, I'll still be washing my floors every night to get rid of the mud and will still be looking through my dusty, dirty windows (as I have boycotted doing them until construction is done).  The end results of renovating are amazing and so satisfying, but during it...maybe not so much!

Coming back after an extended period away from "normal" life helps you realize how normal your life really isn't and how busy stuff tends to creep in until you make a drastic cut/break.  Weeks leading up to our departure, there were what-seemed-important-things and events that filled our days and thoughts.  Getting away with just Matt and the boys showed me how much more important spending time as a family and JUST as a family is.  Don't get me wrong, we aren't cutting out the socializing ... we are setting out to prioritize the family time we get to have over anything else.  Behaviours and little issues seem to fade when you are investing time into each others' days.

Time spent just reading about God's love for me, as I'm His child, was pretty mind blowing and was  exactly what my thirsty spirit required to be quenched with.  More thoughts on that to come, but overall, I feel "back" on track taking time to spend with Father daily.  Which was more than refreshing ... it was needed and I'm so thankful.

We set quite a few goals while we were away.  Some lofty, some needed, some practical and some to try.  All for the sake of improvement in our lives as we're hoping to get traction to get life goals back on track.  Exciting stuff to come(!!).

Glad to be here again - sharing about life and it's simple intricacies.  As for now ...  I'm going to go back to relaxing while these boys are napping!

pic pix: the beautiful forest floor, Aug.2014, Farragut State Park, Idaho

30 July 2014


Well, lately I have been pretty unplugged from everyone - online and in person, alike.  I've been working hard at getting our company taxes done so that we could go on our family vacation.  And here we FINALLY are!  Book work done and handed off to the accountant, house cleaned (after a messy couple of weeks), tent trailer packed...I'm officially ready to be "checked out" from everything for the next couple of weeks.

Hope you all are finding fresh ways to enjoy the summer (in the northern hemisphere; winter in the southern hemisphere!) and I'll be back soon rejuvenated and ready to be plugged in again.

bisous xo

pic pix: highway driving from Alberta to Idaho, 30.Jul.2014, on the road

19 July 2014

colorboard / no.31

color: chartreuse/blush/navy
word of inspiration: BLissss [perfect happiness; great joy]
source of word: If I were to have a favorite color combo right now, this would be it.  Each color compliments the other, they are all every season colors, there's something quirky yet feminine about each of them and the fusing of them all together.  They are just BLissss together.

/1. now if I could only find this for the wedding we are going to next weekend...  /2. rose gold lamp  /3. Hunter would love holding onto this one & it would go with everything I own /4. love these hampers  /5. you can never have too many of these  /6. I'm still debating between a black or blue pair /7. a tunic for my girl, if I ever did have one  /8. mmmhhmmmmm  /9. me and my thing with couches  /10. never really drawn to any other pink except this blush tone, LOVE  /11. if there is one water bottle I am happy to have invested in, it's these  /12. well, I need a motorcycle helmet if the hubby's got a bike, right?  /13. this company. their stationary. j'adore.  /14. you could use this pillow in any room

18 July 2014

summer loving.

Though this is where I would like to be any time of the year, I must say, summers here are pretty nice.  It's not too too hot, no humidity (a good and bad thing), days last until 11pm with the sunlight, and well ... it seems you couldn't ask for it to be better unless we had summer here all year!

I know it's already the middle of July, but I decided that I needed to write a list (Allison, you'll love this!) of all my summer lofty goals/things that I love about summer.  I'm curious to see how it'll all play out with the little amount of time we have left, but it'll be fun to work on.  It's probably better my chalkboard was only so big...!

How about you?  What's on the agenda for the next month?!

Oh ... and this is a cute list to fill in with summer plans.

pic pix: chalkboard wall in the kitchen, Jul.2014, at home

16 July 2014


Judah West: I never need to ask you to pose, you just naturally have a coolness about you.
Hunter Elias: I never need to wonder how you feel, as your face shares it all (and I love it when you smile).

14 July 2014

river hangs.

It has been so gorgeous here lately and ok, lets admit it - so very warm!  I've been making trips down to the river (as well as the lake and splash parks) and not only have I loved it, but these boys have been too.  Judah just plunks down on his rear and lets the water move around him as he plays in the river rock.  Whereas, Hunter just barely likes his toes dipped in but is content to finally feel cool.

Saturday night we went down and had a bbq at "our spot" with some friends.  Throwing rocks was a hit (though no one got hit ... ha!), baseball, kite flying, football tossing, and good chats filled our time.  And the cooled down feet were a bonus!  It was a great time and I'm just all the more convinced that river hangs are the best.

pic pix: Saturday night's fun, 12.Jul.2014, Stanley Park, Calgary


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