21 October 2014

creating time.

Lately, I have had no more time to squeeze.  It seems from the minute I wake up, to when I crash for bed(!) every moment is taken with something.  For a gal who loves to be in control of her life, it can get frustrating.  And as fine print to that last statement, I should add that I like to be in control but I dislike routines!

Before I was married, I always squeezed in "my time" at the very end of the day - which could also mean some early mornings.  And actually, after we got married and even after I had Judah, I could predictably have the hours after Matt and Judah went to bed to be create.  read.  blog.  think.

But if you know me and have talked to me recently (this past year), you would know my world has changed drastically with Hunter being born.  Having a colic baby has shaken my world.  Yes, having kids PERIOD will change the world you once knew, but his life has actually been my hugest life change to this point.

What I could at one time control - my time - has been upsetted.  Sleep deprivation galore, post pardum depression, and lack of "me time" have made me look at my personal staple of needing control more as an issue (as clearly, I can live without being in control or EVERYthing, ALL the time).  And as it turns out, my frustration has ended up controlling me more than me actually being "in control of my life".

Don't sin by letting anger CONTROL YOU.  Think about it overnight and remain silent.  Psalm 4:4

There is nothing I would change about this shaking process in my life, because I've needed to experience it...and I got a darling munchkin out of the deal!  I've needed to be awakened to the selfish way(s) I've lived my life and to be challenged at how I've actually used my time.  Even right down to cleaning my house, I haven't wanted to let a schedule/routine dictate me.

But as I should be, I'm learning once again.

Learning that routine carries more freedom.  Learning that everyone benefits from structure.  Learning that if I don't make the time for something, it won't happen (i.e. blogging, reading, paperwork).

For all the earth is the Lord's, and He has set the world in order. 1 Samuel 14:17

If my Creator has made a perfect order in this world, He must have a perfect order for me.  Right down to how often/which days I do my laundry, or when I should schedule dates in with my boys, or when to blog, etc.

I'm definitely in the early stages of this Sarah Nadine "re-org", but am looking forward to the freedom that I know will come with it.

*On a related note, how do you place routine in your life?  Any tips for this newbie?!

pic pix: a picnic lunch with the boys - on a day we scheduled nothing but to be together, Sep.2014, Fish Creek Park, AB 

29 September 2014


Judah West: Your imagination is amazing.  I hope you never lose touch with it.
Hunter Elias: Your need for adventure is riveting.  May you always put the "epic" in what you do.

23 September 2014

52 project

Though I have not been consistent with posting the pictures for the 52 Project, I certainly have been taking a photo/portrait of the boys every week.  But, instead of filling up an entire post of multiple weeks (ahem, 10!), I have published them on the sundays of their concurrent weeks.  Here are the links to the old/new posts:

| 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 35 | 36 | 37 | 38 |

pic pix: my handsome fellas, Sept.2014, in our backyard

conversations lately / my prize

After much anticipation, we were finally able to meet our friend's baby girl, Nia, the other day.  She is such a beautiful baby and the most darling thing to hold (at the stage she still sleeps on you ... and snuggly, ahhh!).

In getting ready to go visit them, this is the conversation Judah and I had:

"Hey Judah, do you remember Auntie Linda?"  I ask.
"Yea."  Judah answers.
"Remember how she had a baby in her tummy?"  He nods, "Well, now her baby is out and we get to go to their house to see her!"  I say with much excitement.
A huge sigh is breathed in, the hands come up to his mouth, and his eyes are as wide as saucers as he replies, 

"My prize!"

pic pix:  my beautiful friend Linda, Nia, Hunter and Judah, Sept.2014, at their house

21 September 2014

our weekend in pictures.

And what a great weekend I had.  Being outside, enjoying this last “summer” weekend, and being with my sweet boys and husband … really, after a weekend like this, I cannot feel anything but gratitude and so so fortunate to be living this life I have.  From little teaching moments, to hours exploring with new friends in the corn maze, every moment is truly worth viewing as a gift.

 How were your weekends?

1. hanging out
2. oak leaves hanging out too
3. at the corn maze.
4. such a beauful day
5. friendships old and new
6. in need of a scarecrow?
7. our beautiful new "spot" to adventure
8. season planning and games
9. freshly fallen leaves
10. Judah mastering "construction"


Judah West:  Every type of machinery intrigues you.  To whomever thought to add these "diggers" to playgrounds, me and my son are very grateful.
Hunter Elias:  Just recently, you allowed us to swing you in the swing (and not just sit there, content, kicking your legs).  Each time I take a picture of you, the more I realize how much you are growing up.

20 September 2014

i get to choose.


A simple, four letter word with so much weight, meaning, and expanse to it.  It means the opposite of death.  The distinguisher between something dead or alive.  An adjective that means to be have a "spring in one's step".  The word that describes the action of breathing each breath, conquering each hurdle, feeling each emotion.

Sometimes, I get so caught up in other people's lives, that I forget that I get to live my own.  If it's comparing, longing it were just that little bit different, or taking more time to observe someone else's life, etc ... I can waste my own precious time pouring into that which I do have.

Everyone's life looks different.  Period.

Yes, there are components that definitely look the same and areas that overlap a lot more into some people's day-to-day workings (i.e. same job, same church, same school, same favorite coffee, etc).  But for the bulk of who we are, there are is no mirror image to yours.

Before I shaped you in the womb,
   I knew all about you.
Before you saw the light of day,
   I had holy plans for you ...
      Jeremiah 1:5

The moments I have to breathe are vital and only mine.  I get to choose what and how I fill them.  If there is something I am not liking, I get to choose how that I can change (mainly speaking about my attitude here).  When I am overwhelmed with stuff that just seems to fill and fill my time and rob me of the joy God intends for me to live life with, I get to choose if I stay in that state or not.

My life is just that ... mine.  Not yours, hers, or anyone else's.  God has a special and unique purpose for it, and I'm not going to let any one person/thing rob me of living it in joy.

Will you choose the same today?

p.s. a post I wrote a while back about how only I can be me.

pic pix: a wee bird on a wire, in the grand scheme of things - me, Aug.2014, at Matt's aunt's farm


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