27 June 2013

howdy from cowtown.

With the recent tragedy of the flood hitting my home town (and surrounding areas), I've been a bit caught up in finding ways to help/be a part.  Our direct community was not hit with the flood waters, but many other parts unfortunately were.  My regular routine is somewhat out the window and my social media updates (or anything to do with the internet) have been focused on finding ways to help and getting informed with what I need to know.

How can one volunteer with a busy one year old, and a baby bump that is half-way along?  With food!  I've been baking, meal making, and snack bag creating!  At this point, volunteers are many (with some of downtown still not open, volunteers are more) ... it's awesome to see how people are coming together.  Once the initial 'help drive' dies down and when people will try to be "normal" about life again, I'm anticipating another rush of need.  Not sure what that will look like...but, Calgary, I'm stocking my freezer in the meantime.

I've never experienced natural disaster hit hard in my own backyard (persay).  Being part of relief efforts locally is a whole different ball game than from the sidelines or actually travelling with the intent to help places in need.  I feel like I should/could be doing more, yet, I know that it'll become more evident in the days to follow.  It's just hard to go about life normally, when a 15 minute drive away, it is far from normal.

If you've been part of disaster relief, what did you do to help?  Your ideas might trigger something for me to do here...I'd love it if you'd share.

pic pix: food prep (the constant at this house!), my kitchen, 08.Nov.2012

19 June 2013

thoughts. things.

There's something about a homemade donut that speaks right into my soul...my very weak soul that exerts no self control!  I even made a rule with Matt (for my sake entirely) that I would only eat a donut with him around - to keep me in check.  Today, I broke that rule as my dad dropped off a box of homemade ones from last night.  I do not feel the slightest bit guilty about it ... yet.

Rain, Rain ...
I actually love the rain and the green it brings.  Lately, we've seen a lot of wet around here(!).  I've been enjoying it, but equally as much, can't wait for the sun to overtake the daytime hours.

Mind Battling ...
I read this quip from a book on my Jan-May to-read list.  An interesting perspective...much to ponder on:

"When we have our thoughts and conversation on what is wrong with everyone else, we are usually being deceived about our own conduct.  Therefore, Jesus commanded that we not concern ourselves with what is wrong with others when we have so much wrong with ourselves.  Allow God to deal with you first, and then you will learn the scriptural way of helping your brother grow in His Christian walk." ~ Battlefield of the Mind, Joyce Meyer

Perohe for Days ...
My auntie is here from Ontario for a few weeks.  It was a priority on her agenda that we would be making perogies (perohe) and donuts together.  Last night was the night.  Unfortunately, we had to leave before they started making the donuts (apparently, they didn't finish until 2am?!) but at least I got to make perohe the way my Baba makes them.  Soooo good!

Growing Up, Even in Play ...
This little rascal is a climber, a talker, a mischievous little mocker!  Recently, when he has a book in hand or just talking away on his phone, if I don't know where he is, I look here.  The place behind my living room couch that still has a pile of boxes to go through!  He usually sits on this little box ... can't wait until I get his teepee up!  Think I'll be finding him there.

13 June 2013

happy 1st birthday.

Wow ... a year already under this sweet little man's belt!  I can barely believe it as I type it - my baby is no longer in the how-may-months-is-he stage.  As much as I already feel like things are going much too fast, I also feel a surge of pride and a growing love for the boy he is becoming daily.  What an amazing gift we've been given - a pure source of joy and laughter.

Judah West, we praise God for who you are today and who He is growing you to be.  I'm so proud to be your Mama and love that I get to spend my days with you.  I love you, my little lion man.  xo

pic pix: Judah's first go at cake ... I'd say he is a fan(!), taken on the dining room floor, 13.June.2013 - Juju's birthday 

11 June 2013


We went and visited Matt's aunt today.  Between her, the goat, the few chickens, and her massive garden, Judah stayed entertained!  She let me plant a few rows of veggies, so I'm keeping these fingers crossed that we'll get some yummies to harvest!

There's so much that I love about visiting her acreage - the smells, the quiet, the green, the potential.  After spending a bit of time merely putzing around the yard with her, I felt like my head could unravel and I could again, see my own "prospective".  As if the seeds that I planted in the ground became symbolic for the way I'd like to be investing and (one day) harvesting from my own heart.

I'm so glad to be part of God's kingdom and for the times of renewing, learning, sowing and reaping.  And for the moments-like today-that bring me to a point of remembering this perpetual blessing.

"Those who are planted in the house of the Lord 
shall flourish in the courts of our God." ~ Psalm 92:13

pix pic: |1| picking out the seeds |2| auntie's greenhouse |3| juju's rubbers |4| our "straight" row of onions |5| already giving auntie a hard time (shoeless, I might add!), all taken today just outside of Calgary, 11.Jun.2013

10 June 2013

judah's 1st b-day party.

Last week was one of the busiest weeks that I've lived in a very long time - hence the blogging interruption.  A course (Thursday & Friday-pms and Saturday-all day), other week-night plans, a day trip to Red Deer, family dinners, day-time play dates, etc, etc ... so naturally, we thought it was a great time to plan Judah's birthday party!!  Ha!  Initially, we had nothing else planned for all week, but you know how those weeks end up (or is that seriously just us?!).

Judah had all of his aunts & uncles, both sets of grandparents, and almost all of his cousins present.  One blessed little I guy I'd say.  We had a simple bbq, a birthday blessing, cake, and pinata ... all of which, Judah seemed to enjoy thoroughly!  Though he's not yet one (this Thursday's the day!), I'm pretty sure he knew he was being celebrated with that much love around him.

pic pix: Judah's 1st birthday party (thanks to my sister, we got some shots that I happened to be in!!), the backyard, 08.June.2013

02 June 2013

feeling sentimental.

Maybe it's because his first birthday is coming up, but for some reason I've been so sentimental when it comes to this sweet boy lately.

As said by the most biased mama around, he has got to be the sweetest little boy.  Lately, it seems we can't get enough hugs, kisses and cuddles from our little lion man.  I thought with him starting to walk that his independent side would kick in and he'd be happy with the freedom(!) away from mama & papa's arms.  But, it's like he knew that was what I was worrying about because he has done the opposite and has been all the more expressive.

I've been thinking about last year at this time so much lately (posts here and here).  My life literally changed/flipped upside-down and over again when he was born.  I felt like there was so little that I knew what to expect, but he put us at ease right away because he. just. fit.  And here he is, putting me at ease again.

I can't even begin to describe how blessed I feel with you in our lives, Judah West.  I thank God and praise Him for you daily.

pic pix: special moments with Juju [photos taken by m'love - i love the expressions he caught!], in our overgrown backyard(!), 01.Jun.2013


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