31 August 2012

let's talk

I find it funny (ok...more *ironic*) that when you are thinking/dwelling on a certain thought, it somehow always works it's way into your conversation.  With whoever, whenever, wherever however!  Like your train of thought, making every railroad station hear the same "steam" blown from the previous stop.

Lately, my mind has been chewing on the topic of "talking".

Earlier tonight, my two sister-in-laws and myself went out on a wee shopping expedition.  Without any children or husbands ... just us three.  We had coffee, shopped, talked, and drove and drove.  Then, talked some more!  Conversation was refreshing, open, sweet, the reminiscing & sharing kind.

It's more than good to communicate like that.  To get my mind ramblings out in a raw and natural way.  Nothing premeditated or unrealistic.  One heart honestly talking to the next.  A true tête-à-tête.

After leaving and thanking God for a special time to share with my sisters, it reminded me how God unreservedly craves our continual conversation.  Our communication.  Our confessions.

Sing to Him, sing praises to Him.
Meditate on and talk of all His wondrous deeds ...
Psalm 105:2

Always be joyful.
Never stop praying.
1 Thessalonians 5:16 & 17

But, if we confess our sins to Him, 
He is faithful and just 
to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all wickedness.
1 John 1:9

Again, I'm being awakened to the crazy, wonderful reality, that God ~ our Creator, my super-hero God ~ just wants me to TALK with Him.  How I converse with family and friends, sharing the happy, sad, mad, glad moments.  Simply, communicating with Him.  

Like my boy communicates with his dad when he gets home from work ...

Like a random message taped up for strangers to read ...

Like girlfriends re-uniting for coffee and a chat ...

He just wants us to talk to Him.

pic pix: all photos in Calgary, 2011-2012

15 August 2012

"first" date

Last night we took our first date without the little lion man.  We talked (even though lots of it was about Juju!) free of interruption, ate a delicious meal, grabbed a coffee, took a country drive (we do that for fun!), did a little photo shoot ... just enjoyed the moments together until we could cuddle with Judah again! 

Do I ever love this man ... !!

pic pix: 14.Aug.2012, south of Calgary

not quite road tested

Take a good look at God's wonders ... they'll take your breath away ...

Bless the Lord, O peoples!  Give Him a thunderous welcome!
Didn't He set us on the road to life?  Didn't He keep us out of the ditch?
He trained us first, passed us like silver through refining fires, brought us into
Hardscrabble country, pushed us to the very limit,
Road-tested us inside and out, took us to hell and back;

Finally, He brought us to this well-watered place.

Psalm 66:7a, 8-12

Right now, with all of the changes and adaptions taking place in my life, I'm feeling like I am in some 'hardscrabble country' .... being pushed to my very limits.  Not quite at the point where I am being road-tested - so that I can fully articulate what I am specifically learning  - but KNOWING and TRUSTING that God is/will be guiding me.  He's keeping me out of the ditches.  And as He promised, He's set me on the road to life.

I'm not sure where you are at within your journey today.  Maybe similar to me, maybe you're closer to that road of completely understanding where you are on your map.  Regardless, remember and celebrate with me right now ... He has brought us to well-watered places before.  So will He do again!

Take a good look at God's wonders ... they'll take your breath away ...
Bless the Lord, O peoples!  Give Him a thunderous welcome!

pic pix: tonight - our first night away from Juju (yup, this Mama cried!), 14.Aug.2012, Calgary, AB

13 August 2012

two months ...

After we finished supper tonight, we quickly went out to the backyard to take a few 2-month-old shots.  Previous to these expressive faces (!) there were tears *mama has sad face* ... and following these shots there were more tears!  All, just to show off Juju's cute face on the sheepskin rug!

 Mama and Daddy keep saying I'm getting so big ... I guess my 13 lbs. would explain that!  I LOVE when they help me stand up on my feet.  I may just be the earliest walker compared to all my other cousins :)  This month I started blowing bubbles on my lower lip to pass the time while Mama is cleaning/getting ready/doing her thing.  Daily, we have talking contests ... I always last the longest and talk the loudest.  Mama says that I'm like my Pepere, as I like to hear the sound of my own voice talking!  I've been on 2 camping trips this month and think those mountains are pretty sweet, just not them mosquitoes :(  I've also attended two more weddings (and a stagette!) to which I showed off my kickin' dance moves, cool outfits, and impressed everyone with well-behaved I was.  Gee ... being a sociable 2 month old ... the life!!!

07 August 2012

our day in pictures

1. the darndest, cutest little boy around
2. afternoon read with an afternoon coffee
3. summer afternoon thunderstorm
4. someone loves their suce
5. cute baby fingers
6. never-ending laundry
7. "look mama, I'm stuck in the corner!"
8. "mama!  are you going to help me get out?!"
9. yummy carrot cake with cream cheese icing

06 August 2012

thoughts. things.

Has it EVER been a busy time!  From the first week of June, until this last weekend, we have been going going going!!  Like I mentioned in my last post, new things, changes, busyness.  All good things, but a LOT to digest in 2 months.

At this present moment, I'm looking forward to settling into a new schedule and lifestyle with Judah.  Integrating blogging and jogging back into my routine is next on the agenda.  I haven't really done much of either since last August!  As well, come September, I'd like to find a Bible study or something.  I've got a load of pictures to sift through, especially now that I take so many shots of Ju-ju!  Some camping weekends ahead, my piano ready to be played, a few blank canvases waiting to be given some color-lovin...let's just say, i'm excited with all that my plate holds coming up!

1. auntie instagramming
2. cousins meet
3. sunday afternoon in the park
4. stagette in banff
5. mama & judah
6. what a beautiful bride


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