13 August 2012

two months ...

After we finished supper tonight, we quickly went out to the backyard to take a few 2-month-old shots.  Previous to these expressive faces (!) there were tears *mama has sad face* ... and following these shots there were more tears!  All, just to show off Juju's cute face on the sheepskin rug!

 Mama and Daddy keep saying I'm getting so big ... I guess my 13 lbs. would explain that!  I LOVE when they help me stand up on my feet.  I may just be the earliest walker compared to all my other cousins :)  This month I started blowing bubbles on my lower lip to pass the time while Mama is cleaning/getting ready/doing her thing.  Daily, we have talking contests ... I always last the longest and talk the loudest.  Mama says that I'm like my Pepere, as I like to hear the sound of my own voice talking!  I've been on 2 camping trips this month and think those mountains are pretty sweet, just not them mosquitoes :(  I've also attended two more weddings (and a stagette!) to which I showed off my kickin' dance moves, cool outfits, and impressed everyone with well-behaved I was.  Gee ... being a sociable 2 month old ... the life!!!

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