06 August 2012

thoughts. things.

Has it EVER been a busy time!  From the first week of June, until this last weekend, we have been going going going!!  Like I mentioned in my last post, new things, changes, busyness.  All good things, but a LOT to digest in 2 months.

At this present moment, I'm looking forward to settling into a new schedule and lifestyle with Judah.  Integrating blogging and jogging back into my routine is next on the agenda.  I haven't really done much of either since last August!  As well, come September, I'd like to find a Bible study or something.  I've got a load of pictures to sift through, especially now that I take so many shots of Ju-ju!  Some camping weekends ahead, my piano ready to be played, a few blank canvases waiting to be given some color-lovin...let's just say, i'm excited with all that my plate holds coming up!

1. auntie instagramming
2. cousins meet
3. sunday afternoon in the park
4. stagette in banff
5. mama & judah
6. what a beautiful bride


Mariel said...

I'm home in a week! Can't wait to see you and meet this little guy! XOXO!

~ callee ~ said...

Goodness! What a cute little one. Sweet baby boys - they're the best :-}

You look great!!!

sarah nadine said...

@Mariel - yay!! can't wait to see you and squeeze your neck :)

@callee - it must be crazy to have your sweet baby boy in 3rd grade already! that seems like forever away ... but i know it'll come fast :)



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