31 January 2013

living where i am.


Over the years, I've had so many ideas of how to decorate my home (when I'll finally have one!).  I've compiled pictures, lists, inspirations...put them in folders, binders, peg boards, on pinterest(!) you name it.  Though, some of those things were, or maybe still are, pretty cool, a TON of those 'sweet' ideas are either out of date in style or are just not cutting it for me any more.  Funny how at the time, they were "it" in my mind.  It isn't a waste that I dreamed such things, it's just unfortunate that I never got to live in some of those dreams.

Every house that I've lived in, I've thought "Save that idea for when we live in "our" real house," or "It's not worth putting the time/money into organizing this only to have to redo it when we move...".  Really, I've just found ways to excuse myself from living in the complete picture of my reality, of my present life - my present dreams.

Ironically enough, the same pattern of thoughts have been had over the direction of this blog..."I should save those ideas for when I redo my site.." or "I'll add a new feature when I know it'll be consistent or when I have more time...".  

From these 2 little examples, I can see that I get caught up thinking I can't change the present because: 1. I want to do it in the future with "better" circumstances or 2. what I used to do/think isn't the same as where I am now, will it be weird to change and just leave those old thoughts/dreams/ideas behind? 

Over time, people change.  We grow.  We morph.  We transform.  As do our ideas.  So why not enjoy, seek out, and LIVE in the dreams we have today?  We need to start living in the exact place we sit/dream/aspire because if we save it for when things are perfect, it won't be our living dream at that given moment.

It's time to start to live in the space that I currently am (house, skin, person, etc), be at home with me, live where I am.

p.s. good tips to making your home feeling happy right now.

pic pix: me, living in the skin that I'm in-taking a selfie because I never do, Calgary, AB, today

30 January 2013

color board / no.4

color: opaque couche (pantone 7507c)
word of inspiration: rekindle [revive: something that has been lost]
source of word: When I think about rekindling a friendship, it never starts with a black and white slate.  Because of the history, the undertones are warm, both parties are at a neutral state.  Splashes of other colors can be added, but it is a rich enough to stand alone.

1. flatiron watercolor /2. i organize with these /3. muslin blankets ~ j'adore /4. grown-up bean bag (i could use each one of RH's faux fur products...!!) /5. i heart this cup cosy /6. washi tape, yes /7. cute

28 January 2013

seven months ...

Well, Judah is now 7.5 months!  Here is his 7 month post...better late than never.

Since my last update, we've had some pretty big changes over here.  Not only have I figured out this crawling thing, but have discovered a new way to get people's attention.....talking, non-stop!  I'm not sure anyone knows what I am saying (as I don't really know myself), but it sounds a lot like "blma ma dah bbbda...".  Mama usually encourages it by talking back with her own stories (I don't really understand those either, but pretend I do!) except when we are at church.  Still haven't figured out why...

Daddy says that I have an interesting way of playing with toys.  I just do what makes sense to me-if a toy is in the box, I take it out; if there is something popped up, I push it down; etc.  At nap time, I play that kind of game in my crib too...I pop up and down until Mama comes in and tells me to stop!  Another new game I play is making sounds with my mouth.  My latest noises are a clack and motor boat b-b-b-b-b-b-b.  Tub time is still holds to be fun and my favorite.  Giving kisses are pretty close up there too :)

I experienced my first Christmas and have since grabbed every piece of paper in front of me to rip.  Paper is a beautiful thing: you can suck on it, scratch it (I scratch the books that Mama & Daddy are reading...it makes me feel a part), rip it, wave it, scrunch it up...I think paper was my favorite part of the whole deal!

Gotta say, this 7 month gig is pretty sweet...moving, talking, kissing the ladies, playing non-stop...loving it!

pic pix: this Mama heart is melting with that cute little posing face(!), this guy is always on the move, 15.Jan.2013, at home

25 January 2013

our day in pictures.

1. fruit juiced & avocado, healthy start = best start / 2. still enjoying last week's flowers / 3.&4. a walk with the cousins / 5. catch me if you can / 6. a bit of color/texture dabbling / 7. decisions, decisions / 8. finally got my 2013 planner / 9. even in the bath, such a poser / 10. my new red lipstick for a date with the hubs / 11. the wind down

happy weekend.

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter..."
~E.E. Cummings

pic pix: my laughing boy, 25.Jan.2013, at home

24 January 2013

color board / no.3

color: poppy red & turquoise
word of inspiration: opportunity [a chance or prospect]
source of word: "...every day is a new OPPORTUNITY..." ~ bob feller

1. this is the best smelling body wash EVER...just ordered the lotion /2. cute pop of color /3. pins /4. would be lovely in my home /5. love my smith corona /6. noah's ark print /7. as poppy red is one of this year's pantone colors, why not sport it on my nails?! /8. i think i'd live in this scarf

23 January 2013


cream in the coffee. from Sarah Nadine Arsenault on Vimeo.

Part of my goal list for the next 4 months includes a reading list.  I've been captivated with some of the intriguing facts found in "Moonwalking With Einstein"...especially pertaining to time.

Since I became an adult, it seems like someone is always telling me that time is only getting faster, and that it will only continue to do so.  After having Judah, I started wondering if Matt was changing the clocks to get me to go to bed earlier.  How can it already be time for bed?  Even now, I find myself asking: Where has the time gone?  It has already been 7 months since he was born!  How?

All I can picture is this snowball of time that gets faster and more reckless as it tumbles down the hill.  But once it hits the bottom, it just breaks apart.  At that point, no one is judging the speed anymore, they are just noticing that the snowball's time is done.

Ok, maybe a bit morbid, but essentially, it is what we keep telling ourselves time is - an increasingly fast moving snowball.

There is definitely a truth in how we feel like time is occurring (relativity speaking), but truthfully, time doesn't/can't change for an individual at any age.

"Life seems to speed up as we get older because life gets less memorable as we get older."

Remember being a kid on summer vacation and not knowing what day it was?!  Or thinking that you literally waited an eternity at the hairdresser's for your mom to get her hair done?  Dreaming about what you would do when you were an adult, when you were in charge of your time?!  William James (Principles of Psychology) explains this curious time-warp perception: "In youth we may have an absolutely new experience, subjective or objective, every hour of the day.  Apprehension is vivid, retentiveness strong, and our recollections of that time, like those of a time spent in rapid and interesting travel, are of something intricate, multitudinous and long drawn-out....But as each passing year converts some of this experience into automatic routine which we hardly note at all, the days and weeks smooth themselves out in recollection to contentless units, and the years grow hollow and collapse."

"Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it...Creating new memories stretches out psychological time, and lengthens our perception of our lives."

We need to make day-to-day memories, change up our schedules, take vacations, create as many new mental polaroids to engrain into our memories.  Those first few months of being a mom, every day was exactly the same and one day just morphed into the next because there were no new memories being made (side note: becoming a new mom is a new memory in itself...I'm not being hard on myself, but merely using it s an example and realizing this is why that time felt like such a blur.).  

Even if it is one thing a day that I mix up, I need to make each day momentous to "stretch" my time and make it worth living through.  I need to be creative, be open, be flexible with it.  I'm so excited with this new perspective, that I don't need to live my life believing that time only runs away and gets shorter...the challenge now: to live my life creatively & purposefully in the FULL amount of time given to me.

all quotes taken from Moonwalking With Einstein - Joshua Foer
pic pix: cream in the coffee > making time fun, May.2012

21 January 2013


Weekend Naps ...

Matt's got this rule for the weekends (the ones he isn't working, at least).  His "rule" is that we must schedule enough time for a nap in between every activity/event that is planned.  Because he was working Saturday, I didn't follow that rule, but really wished that I did (I was so pooped!).  It's a pretty good rule!

Moving to ...

We don't know yet!  We've been on the hunt for a home (since December).  There have been some potential places ... but potential is as far as they've gotten.  Until yesterday!  Crossing my fingers that it may be "the one".  More to come on that soon (I hope!).

Visiting ...
I've had the chance to visit some friends I haven't seen in a while and get in some other much needed visits.  Being sick right after Christmas/New Years seemed to put me behind ... I hadn't even seen my sister for 2 weeks!  Got that straightened out with an IKEA visit the other day.  I also got to hold a brand new baby last week (only 3 weeks old!)...Miss Adia stole both Judah's and my hearts.  He liked giving her kisses!

Organizing ...

With a move in the near future(!), I've been trying to purge, clean, and organize!  My problem: I start the process, but end up stopping after purging because I can't clean with all of my give-away items piled up!  A good problem, just gotta get to the organizing.  I'm getting stuck how I should organize my shoes.  My system (or lack thereof) is not working ... any suggestions?!  I like these ideas: here, here, and here, but sadly do not have the space (or the amount of shoes) for them to work.

Community ...

A while back, I shared how we had been on the hunt to find a church and settle ourselves in the community there.  As of November, we've been attending this church.  Loving the challenge of the messages, feeding our hungry hearts of the truth, and embracing the warmth of the community.  It's awesome to see the way that God shows you that He hears our prayers and knows exactly what we need.  We're super pumped about it!

Besides these updates and our ever-so-darling son, our company stuff has been keeping us B-U-S-Y!  Year end, new employees, big jobs ... kind of a crazy time to be looking for a house/moving on top of it.  We're hoping these 'extras' will be as flavorful as a big cherry on top of a sundae ... a chocolate dipped bing cherry, that is :)

Here's to a -productive/busy/awesome- week!

pic pix: yesterday @ home, 20.Jan.2013

18 January 2013

happy weekend.

"I have no special talent ... I am only passionately curious."

~Albert Einstein~

pic pix: one curious boy out for coffee w/mama, 12.Jan.2013, Calgary, AB

17 January 2013

only i can be me.

80 percent of all that we do, someone else can do.
15 percent of all that we do, someone else can do with a measure of training.
5 percent of everything that I do, ONLY I can do.
[paraphrased ~ Wayne Cordeiro]

It's true.

80% of what I do - answer my phone, check my instagram(!), sit in a meeting for me, drive my car, make dinner for my family, etc...most others could do.

15% of what I do, someone with a bit of training/coaching could do - play the piano, operate AutoCad, create a yummy soup, answer a survey for me, get Judah to bed, etc.

But 5% of what I DO, can only be done by me.

Only I can be Matt's wife.  No one else in this world can be Judah's mama.  The only one person that can make me be fit and healthy is ME!  I am the only one that can be on the pursuit to develop who I am spiritually.  Only I can can keep myself motivated to follow God and live in faith.  If I have life goals, who is going to accomplish them but me?

Though I spend a good portion of my life doing those "80 percent" items, those 5 percent items are really what shape me and set me apart as me.  What I am, who I will be known as.  My Creator, my Father, equipped me to be exactly this person.  My purpose...is to be me!

How incredible is it that we were created to be someone that know one else is or can be?!

Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out, you formed me in my mother's womb.
I thank you, High God-you're breathtaking!  Body and soul, I am marvellously made!
I worship in adoration-what a creation!
You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body.
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something.
Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth...
All the stages of my life were spread out before you, the days of my life all prepared,
Before I'd even lived one day.
Psalm 139:13-16

one other time I shared how blessed we are to live a v.i.p. life.
pic pix: a selfie of me holding my baby brother, from back in the day, 1990 perhaps(?!)

15 January 2013

color board / no.2

color: black & white
word of inspiration: THE [1. used to mark a proper noun, natural phenomenon, ship, building, time, point of the compass...etc. 2. used to mark a noun as the best renown, most approved, most important...etc.]
source of word: "...in THE beginning..." Genesis 1:1

1. j'adore this watercolor /2. eiffel tower sketches, THE bomb /3. cute mask /4. blanket fetish #1 /5. fonts on mugs just work /6. cute ear decor /7. blanket fetish #2 /8. quotes need to be framed

14 January 2013

mental fitness.

Not too long ago, I shared how I approach goals and what some of my lifestyle "aimings" were.  I didn't go into detail with the smaller (4 month) goals, but I did share what overall goals I wanted to see transpire in my life - to be healthy spiritually, physically, relationally, mentally, etc.

A week before Christmas, I was chatting with my naturopath (love her!) about some of these lifestyle goals.  I shared that I wanted to be healthy...yada yada ya, blah blah blah.  After I got through my speel, she asked me what I did to be healthy mentally.

My mind drew a blank.  How DO I exercise my brain? I thought sheepishly.

It dawned on me that I hadn't really focused much on this area.  Sure, there's always room to improve, but it seemed I had nothing in this area outlined to improve from(!).  My first priority - to seek deeper relationship with God (spiritual), my second priority - work on relationships, my thrid priority - to get back into physical shape...fourth "priority" - insert *blank* here...

She gave me some suggestions to encourage and build a healthy mind...

1/ read books: To hear her perspective of reading was interesting.  "When you read, talk to your book.  Let it talk back.  Reading is like having a conversation with someone who has defined their life perspective/opinions/experience and written them on paper ready for you to challenge, agree/disagree with, learn from."  Even if I don't support what the author may be writing, my mind is creating it's own views/opinions.

2/ puzzles: Word puzzles, brain teasers, mind games ... There are 2 things my Gramma stands by to keeping her healthy: walks & crossword puzzles.  It was cool to hear my naturopath confirm that these types of things are good for logic and brain stimulation ... my Gramma is so smart!

3/ music & languages:  Engage in and practice them!

4/ use your opposites: If you're right-handed, try doing your simple everyday tasks with your left hand (and vice versa).  Physically, you are using different sides of your brain.

5/ letting go of thoughts: Writing & stretching.  Expressing thoughts on paper allows us to define and fuse loose ended thoughts together and is a way of clearing our minds.  Another way to let go of the "busy-brain mode" is to stretch and breath deeply.

6/ be positive and be vocal: Often, we think positively but neglect to share it with others.  That results in supressing the optimism and (silently) supporting the negative attitude.  As simple as it may be, curving conversations to end on a positive note encourages our brains to keep on a sanguine path to follow potential, creativity, and robust structure.

These are not new enlightenments, per say, and I know there are so many other ways to get my mind into shape.  But this is my list (for now) of how I am going to achieve mental fitness in my day-to-day ... how I love this type of conditioning!  I've (re)started some habits to implement a few of these things and have added them to my short-term goals list.  *Loving* the exploration of 'working out' my mind.

What are some ways you exercise/intend to exercise your mind?

pic pix: music I plan to learn, books I plan to read by May, puzzles, Jan.2013, at home

11 January 2013

happy weekend.

"I have but one life to give to adventure..."
~Alexander Eliot

pic pix: Judah latest adventure is 'walking' (love his "look-at-me" look!), 11.Jan.2013

10 January 2013

blanketed in glory.

We've been enjoying some milder winter temperatures (and conditions) until last night, when the wind blew in some beautiful, fresh, white flurries.  There is something pleasingly peacful about falling snow...

                          silencing                                                       covering
                layering                                                                   creating

As we were driving through the snow, Matt and I were talking how God lavishes His blessings upon us even when we haven't loved or obeyed Him as we ought to.  He blesses us, provides for us, shows us His goodness.  How many times have I not had a good attitude towards my current situation, yet "somehow" things have worked out in the end?  How God can turn something ugly into beautiful (when I honestly don't deserve it) is mind-blowing, almost unreal.

My eyes were then drawn to the downy white falling from the sky, and a parallel was made.

We can be in continuous states of "flurry" as we live our lives.  Focusing on the dangerous white-outs, our road's bad driving conditions, honing in on the lack of tractions we feel.  Failing to recognize the magnificent landscape of miracles, wonders, and GLORIES that God and His powerful love transforms around us.

He covers, frosts, and coats us with grace.  He forms, creates, and layers new promises and opportunities in our lives.  His love billows and thickens for us daily.  He gives us times of silence.  He allows for us to fall into His arms for protection, comfort, and strength.

He blankets us with His glory.

Look at your life today: I can guarantee that the glory and love He wants to reveal to you is there.

"He is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane.  I am a tree bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.  When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by GLORY, and I realize just how beautiful You are and how great Your affections are for me...."
~ John Mark Mcmillan - How He Loves

pic pix: a warm snowflake, 09.Jan.2013

08 January 2013

six months ...

Seeing as Juju will soon be 7 months old (January 13), I thought I'd better get this out there, even though it is so-very-late (though all pictures are from around December 13).

I'm half-a-year old, and already have my Christmas wish ... my 2 (bottom) front teeth!  I've been putting them to good use - nibbling on everything I can get my hands on.  I also have been using these hands to do a bit of discovering too.  One of my favorite bed-time books is called Fuzzy Farm Animals.  I didn't realize that they were actually fuzzy until the other night when I rubbed my fingers over the animals like Mama was doing.  She thought my jumpy reaction was pretty humurous when in all reality, it felt tickly and gave me the shivers.  Not really funny in my mind.  Mama also had a laugh at me one sunday when we were in the church nursery.  Instead of playing with my toys, I would just give friendly (Mama says "cute") hugs and little back pats to every kid that crossed my path.  Parents ... they need us kids to get a good laugh every time and again.

Squeaking my Sophie giraffe, bath time, and reading my open-the-flap books are still my favourite things to do.  Mama says that I've "discovered my will" ... whatever that means(?!).  All I do is cry when she takes these things away (or gives me other toys, puts me in my carseat, or washes my face, or ... !!).    

I've also mastered "giving kisses".  If it's a mirror, a phone, or my reflection, I "give kisses" (as Mama says) right on cue.  I really like iPhones and iPads, so they're easy to kiss.  But, to kiss somebody's face ... I make them work extra hard before I give in.  And though kissing requires some prodding, it doesn't take me much to laugh along.  I've noticed that when I start laughing - the really hard kind, where you throw your head back, laugh, & sigh all at the same time - everyone around me laughs even harder.  If you don't already do this, take advice from this 6 month old and do it.  It's guaranteed to bring a laugh.

07 January 2013

color board / no.1

For anyone that knows me, I am a color lover, color needer, color dreamer ... a color girl.  I get inspiried at different times with a variety (if not ALL) colors.  I associate people, words, numbers, experiences with hues and tints.  Even seasons and some stories ... I happen to think of a color.

Thus starts a new series ... the color board.  With a topic as my inspiration, I'm going to share what color sings to me through items and things that I love, think are beautiful, and maybe, deep down, would like(!).  There really is no rhyme or reason, it's just the color that races across my eyelids when hear the word.

- - - - -          - - - - -          - - - - - 

color: chartreuse
word of inspiration: DWELL [v. to live or continue in a given state or condition]
source of word: "...surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will DWELL in the house of the Lord forever..." Psalm 23:6

Dwelling in chartreuse ...

1. moby dick flask /2. hunter boots /3. pretty florals /4. love the sketches & water-color on this site /5. these chairs should be in my house /6. yum /7. wrap /8. cute clutch /9. juju could pull these off

04 January 2013

'simply' have a happy weekend.

"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all."

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder ~

pic pix: Juju having fun with the folded laundry, 04.Jan.2013, at home

03 January 2013

goals and things.

With both Matt and I sick with a stomach bug, things have been pretty quiet over here the last few days.  Minus the Hatfield & McCoy marathon we had playing on the computer, there's been no work, no phones, no outside communication or noise.  It's been kind of nice ... except for the part of being sick :(  Now that the worst has passed, I'm feeling ready to move forward with this new year.

Every year, around this time when it comes to making resolutions, I've stayed clear and away.  For me, it always seems that within a few months (or weeks) life/circumstance/things are different and I don't see the goal through.  Maybe you are the type of person that can see the next 365 days and all of your goals on paper ... I've just come to learn that I'm not that type of person.  Which is what made me 'resolve' to this method last year - breaking my goals into bite size pieces.  Some big picture goals (life goals) and short term goals (yearly, 4 month goals).  

Big picture goals.
When I get to the end of my life (it be in 60 years or 20), I want to be able to look back on my life and say that I was healthy.  Healthy spiritually, mentally, relationally, and physically.  

. physically - I want to eat wholly, live an active lifestyle, have daily motion to stimulate my body.
. mentally - Like my Gramma, I want to be sharp and witty at such a beautiful and mature age (brain
  puzzles and reading are her tricks!) constanly challenging my mind with new things, keeping a
  positive attitude, and learning.
. relationally - People make up such a big part of my life, I need to be on healthy standings with them.  
  I will strive to have the relationships in my life void of confusion and second-guessing and full of love
  and encouragement.
. spiritually - I believe that my faith in God get can only more awesome and deeper the farther I dig
  and reach to learn about Him - which is exactly what I intend to do!

Short term goals.
January, May, and September seem like natural breaks/starts in the year for me.  I guess, kind of like semesters.  January, I am ready for the rejuvenating start to kick-off the new year.  May, I'm already getting into the summer mode with summer plans and sunny-day impulses.  September, the fresh feel of fall and school starting inspires.  At the start of each of those months I create a to-do board for each of these areas (with some examples in parentheses):

. spiritual (Bible study, what books of the Bible I want to read, how can my heart change for the
  better, etc)
. financial (birthdays, big bill payments, savings goals)
. creative (projects, blogging, music goals, special gifts, etc)
. home (organizing, updating, gardening...)
. learning (classes, books to read, new recipes)
. giving (how I plan to give/share/host/love-on people)
. physical (work-out/stretching routine - I always like to change it up!)
. travel (if we go, where we go, why we go)
. self improvement (how can I be a better wife/mama/friend, what can I do to keep my attitude
  encouraging, evaluating priorities, working on personal weaknesses, etc)

As with any goal(s), some of these are destined to change and morph into exactly what they should've been in the first place (like, their actual realities) and some I won't even get to.  These goals may stick, or be a one time thing.  But by approaching them this way, I feel like I am able to tackle what I intend to do, still be able to dream within reason,  AND see things being checked off of a list ... who doesn't like to see their list all checked off?!

How do some of you venture to accomplish your goals/new years resolutions/big life game plans?

pic pix: my agendas, Jan.2013, at home


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