30 January 2013

color board / no.4

color: opaque couche (pantone 7507c)
word of inspiration: rekindle [revive: something that has been lost]
source of word: When I think about rekindling a friendship, it never starts with a black and white slate.  Because of the history, the undertones are warm, both parties are at a neutral state.  Splashes of other colors can be added, but it is a rich enough to stand alone.

1. flatiron watercolor /2. i organize with these /3. muslin blankets ~ j'adore /4. grown-up bean bag (i could use each one of RH's faux fur products...!!) /5. i heart this cup cosy /6. washi tape, yes /7. cute


fawne said...

Oooooo....I love this color board.

sarah nadine said...

@fawne - this doesn't surprise me :)



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