17 June 2014

camping eats.

We've got a few standby recipes that we always seem to go for when camping.  And then some others that I cannot wait to try.  "Easy" can be delicious too, and that's become my goal: to find yummy, quick meals.  Some ahead of time prep can be helpful too.

There are so many options out there (especially on Pinterest - I found this 7 days of camping) and some great looking books with recipes too.  Here are a few of my simple "top" picks:

a) lumber jack breakfast pack - good use of leftovers.
b) angel food cake french toast - I mean, how can you not want to try this?
c) pre-made fruit & yogurt jars
d) berry camping cake - could be used as a breakfast or a dessert!
e) egg in a basket

a) the perfect camping sandwich - I've made one similar to this recipe.  It is great for the lunch as you can pack it the day you are leaving.
b) salad in a jar - can prep up to 5 days before
c) campfire quesadillas - I want these for lunch today!

a) shish kabobs - I make this almost every time we go camping.  Skewers are too easy: Marinade the meat, freeze it, let it thaw out in the cooler before you cook it up; Cut up fresh veggies and ziploc them a couple days before you head out.  If there are extra veggies, leftovers are perfect for a morning omelette or hash brown mix.
b) camp pizza - Yes!  Bring the dough from home and dress it when you're ready to cook it over the fire.
c) jicama slaw - delicious addition to any supper meal.
d) skillet enchiladas - I think this one will be an instant favorite.

p.s. wouldn't these containers be cute to have for leftovers / picnics?!

pic pix: camping a few weekends ago, May.2014, Mossleigh, AB


MsCandaceCatherine said...

Where, oh where can I find jicama? I've looked at Superstore and Safeway.. was going to try Community Natural Foods next.

sarah nadine said...

@MsCandaceCatherine - that's funny ... i've found it at both of those places before(?). the last time i got some it was at the farmers market (a month or so ago). i'll let you know if i see it and i'll pick some up for ya!



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