10 June 2013

judah's 1st b-day party.

Last week was one of the busiest weeks that I've lived in a very long time - hence the blogging interruption.  A course (Thursday & Friday-pms and Saturday-all day), other week-night plans, a day trip to Red Deer, family dinners, day-time play dates, etc, etc ... so naturally, we thought it was a great time to plan Judah's birthday party!!  Ha!  Initially, we had nothing else planned for all week, but you know how those weeks end up (or is that seriously just us?!).

Judah had all of his aunts & uncles, both sets of grandparents, and almost all of his cousins present.  One blessed little I guy I'd say.  We had a simple bbq, a birthday blessing, cake, and pinata ... all of which, Judah seemed to enjoy thoroughly!  Though he's not yet one (this Thursday's the day!), I'm pretty sure he knew he was being celebrated with that much love around him.

pic pix: Judah's 1st birthday party (thanks to my sister, we got some shots that I happened to be in!!), the backyard, 08.June.2013


~ callee ~ said...

Those suspenders kill me! Looks like a lovely party! You make such a sweet family :-)

sarah nadine said...

i know ... people probably think that he doesn't have any other pairs of shorts (without suspenders) as i dress him in them ALL the time! do it while i can.

it was a fun party, too bad juju won't remember much :)



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