06 January 2010

happy new ... day!

Today, Matt and me-self went for a little drive and gallivant outside the city.  I got to shutterbug away and enjoy what I see as a nearly 'perfect day' ... fresh air, creation to capture, a little bit of adventure ... all with my favorite person!

 ... happy new day!

pic pix: county roads outside of Calgary, 05.Jan.2010


Cori Jessy said...

You guys are cuuute! Looks like it was a beautiful drive! Makes me realize I need to get my camera out more to capture all of the white beauty that's still in NC before it disappears. And to appreciate it a little bit more.

sara k arsenault said...

Wait. I thought I was your favorite person. Hahaha! ;o) I'm all jokes.
You two DO look adorable! I'm glad you had such a great day!


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