09 January 2010


Tonight, as we were deciding what kind of movies we wanted to watch, the most popular suggestion was to get a 'thriller'.  Instead, we ended up watching a chick-flick (The Proposal) and one with a little bit of action/sci-fi (Star Trek)!  Either which way, the word 'thrill', acted as reverberating bells chiming in this little thinking cap ... "do I really know the meaning of this word?" [almost like when you repeat any word over and over and over ... soon it doesn't sound like a familiar language!]

More than just a feeling, it is the 'experience' that has occurred that actually produces the emotion or wave of excitement we thrive off of.  Not every single circumstance will merit that rush or stimulation, but it is my humble guess that we don't 'thrill' enough in our everyday.  For what we think we 'thrill' in, is limited to simply the 'buzz', or 'high'.

The state of being thrilled is to rejoice! (rejoice : [be happy, be pleased, be pleased as punch ... be thrilled ...])
"...REJOICE in the Lord always, again I will say REJOICE!!"

Chapter 4 of Philippians, one of my "go-to" passages, reminding me how to walk and view each and everyday.  Do I REJOICE in the Lord?  Do I say REJOICE regardless if I feel the surge of emotions or not?  When I say REJOICE, am I in the state of being thrilled to the point I can say, "I (will) thrive from this?" and say REJOICE again?!

pic pix: my 'like-sister' Sara & I jumping for joy, Toronto Sept.2010

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Claire said...

Nadine thank you for finding me.

I needed your question today.

It is the most important one: Can Christ be my everything when all else fades away?


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