28 November 2014

friday introductions.

Well, it's Friday and I think time for another round of introductions!  The question I ask you (to either blog about or answer in the comments below) this week is:

What are some of your nightly rituals?
I've had a myriad of different phases in my pre-bed routines, but one of my constant ones is a bath ... in the dark.  It may seem weird, but really, it has got to be one of the most relaxing things.  It eliminates any type of screen time before bed and I don't turn on any lights after.  I'd say half of the week nights are spent this way(!).

Currently, I am "into" essential oils (more oily posts to come!) so they are huge part of my nightly wind-down - diffusing, massaging, soaking, you name it!  I'm also a reader, and if I'm not too exhausted, I'll be reading in the tub to relax my brain.  SOCKS - usually, I hate wearing them, but when there are cold nights there is nothing that can help more than a comfy pair of socks!  And warm drinks ... right before bed is the. best.

pic pix: some bath side essentials, Nov.2014, my bathroom


MsCandaceCatherine said...

we ARE friends! I'm having flashbacks to the quickly cooling lights-out baths at Sprouts.. with Rascal Flatts on repeat..

sarah nadine said...

@ MsCandaceCatherine - rascal flatts on repeat ... i forgot about that one! ha! and yes, those baths were cooling no matter what season(!).

those were some fun days, suite mate xo


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