27 October 2014

colorboard / no.33

color: oxblood / grey / blue tones
word of inspiration: embracing the season
source of word: In life, seasons are constantly changing.  The only way to enjoy it (whether hard or easy) is to welcome it with open arms - jump in with full enthusiasm.  Seeing as it's autumn, oxblood and it's counterpart colors seemed only fitting for this seasonal board.

/1. this scarf is perfect for all seasons  /2. boots  /3. baseball tees for days  /4. love this quote, love this graphic  /5. favorite coat rack  /6. you can always use another watch  /7. not only would i love to have this quilt, i hope to one day make it  /8. perfect rocking chair, in a nursery or not  /9. cute bar stools  /10. bison love  /11. totes need this tote  /12. loved this coffee maker so much, i bought it and the matching kettle  /13. i'll take two, for the boys


Allison Jane said...

Ummmm, yeah...i.want.all.the.things! You make the best colourboards! xo

sarah nadine said...

@allison jane - i feel like when i do these, i just want more and more too!! my list keeps getting longer :P miss you so much xo


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