19 February 2014

three years ago...

My life changed.

My name, my living arrangements, my family, my future...all got redesigned, transformed into what now is part of my everyday life.  The beautiful life I get to live with the guy of my absolute dreams.  What we share, laugh about, and experience, I wouldn't (and couldn't) do without him.  What I want to do, dream of, and be, I couldn't (and wouldn't) do without him.

Matthew James, I love these changes.  And more importantly, I love you.

Happy anniversary, m'love.  xo

pic pix: photo cred - gabe mcclintock

1 comment:

Calista said...

Congratulations :-) I love the photograph you posted! Looks like you had a gorgeous wedding, but more importantly, I'm so pleased that you have a gorgeous marriage.


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