18 February 2014

a love for every crook & cranny.

In less than 24 hours we will be on the plane, headed for Palm Springs!  I am a little on the nervous side, but more on the excited side to be travelling with two littles.  Keeping my fingers crossed Hunter will sleep the entire 3.5 hour flight!

Every time I go away, I think I will be way more organized than the last trip.  Pack my bags early, have everything "ready" at least two days before we leave, have the house in impeccable shape, etc.  Does this happen?  Ha.  No.  At this very moment, I am trying to get our basic laundry done, my house needs an up-n-down clean, I haven't pulled the boys clothes out yet ... and here I am, getting distracted with cleaning the front loader washing machine (because it needs to be spotless right now), reorganizing receipts on my desk, aligning my printer head, and brainstorming upcoming blog posts.  It's after midnight, I still have to shower ... !!!

Always, after the fact, I can chuckle at myself because I realize how unrealistic my goals were ... did I mention after the fact?!  If I'm going to enjoy every moment regardless of what stresses may be influencing me not to, I need to be intentional.  Intentional about being light "in this moment" instead of stressing my way through it.  Way too often, I cut the joy out of things by getting caught up with this jlibbery jlubbery stuff.  And in the end, I still, end up being stressed.

Not today ... I purpose each crack of good, stressful, bad, giggling, ugly, or beautiful moment will be filled with joy.  Easier said than done, so ask me tomorrow how it went!  

P.s. - I love this perspective, prompting a love for every little thing going on in our lives:

"The best birthday present is an empty box.  Smile, it contains all my love for you." - Jarod Kintz

pic pix: Judah laying under Hunter's mobile toy - finding joy everywhere, this guy, Jan.2014, at home


Anonymous said...

Take it easy! Heh. You'll definitely get through all that work and check those off soon, though maybe you can hires someone to deal with the home cleaning end, to carry a bulk of that burden.

Mint Condition

Allison Jane said...

Have such a fun time!


Anonymous said...

Have fun! Enjoy your trip to CA!


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