08 January 2014

two months ...

My last post about Hunter wasn't exactly his "one month" post, but I thought it passed anyways(!).  Here's the 2 month update on our little guy ...
 I've officially been dubbed with a nickname or two these days - "Hunty", "Hunty- Bear" or just "Baby Hunter" - all thanks to my older brother.  He really loves me and is always trying to pick me and kiss me.  I'll let him get away with that stuff ... for now at least.

Mama's not too sure how much I'm weighing in at these days.  A few weeks ago I was almost 11 lbs.  I must be getting heavier as I hear her grunt every time she lifts me in my carseat.  Speaking of grunting, sometimes I grunt, coo, and giggle just to get her attention.  It works every. single. time.  Any time other sounds are made, I try to mimic them.  Everyone smiles when I do.  Minus those times when when we were at church.

Papa and I have been watching some of the World Junior Hockey games and NHL games together.  Because I am such a night hawk, I get to be part of such fun.  I don't think I'll change my sleeping schedule ... too much cool stuff goes on after what they say my "bed-time" is.

Everywhere we go, Mama shares about my two different colored eyes.  I think she likes them(!).  She also always has so many outfits for me.  I guess it's so I won't feel bad if I get an outfit or two pooped in (which happens ... pretty much every time we head out).  Good thing I make use of all that prep she does.

I got to experience my first Christmas, which I don't completely understand yet, but I know one day I will.  I heard a lot of talk about it being another baby's birthday, so it kind of made me feel special to be a baby around this time of celebration.  We also partied another night where everyone stayed up past midnight.  I'm not sure what the big deal was with that day, because I do that every night!

I'm loving being "out" in the real world, and can't wait to see what this next month brings ... I'm hoping for warmer weather as I am not a fan of getting bundled up.  Just ask Mama & Papa.

Warm or not, I'll be back in a month to share all about it.

pic pix: my little two month old, Jan.2014, at home


Allison Jane said...

2 months old already! Time sure does fly! <3

Allison Jane said...

I just looked back at Judah's 2 month photos, and it is amazing how similar yet different they look! So cool! :)


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