21 January 2014


I've been spending too much time browsing other people's sites instead of coming up with some catchy posts myself!  Here's what I've been perusing:

Family Command Center - Little did I know there was such an official name for that spot where all your incoming/outgoing goods and junk sits.  If you look on pinterest for "family command centre", you'll be sure to find some pretty sweet examples.  Including this one...

Inspiration - Bethany's "inspiration boards" remind me a bit of my colorboards.  I look forward to seeing what see gathers this year.

Juicing - Also on Pinterest, I posted 30 days of juicing.  Will need to try some of these recipes!

Swallows - I've been attracted to swallows my entire life, and still am.  They just look graceful and delicate ... almost lady-like.

Music - Ever since Christmas, I've been addicted to these types of tunes (p.s. have you heard of "songza"?  Pretty cool that you can music right at your finger-tips).

Baby wears - Hunter would definitely look cute in this.  He could also use one of these bunting bags.  And, I'd love to get one of these!

Lists - My girlfriend is doing this list challenge ...

Instagram follow - I'd suggest you follow this chica.  Oh, she has a blog too.

pic pix: 'buttoning' up thoughts today has proven to be a bit challenging, Jun.2013, my living room

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