28 January 2014

color board / no.24

color: 13 shades of poppy red
word of inspiration: essential [adj. absolutely necessary; extremely important]
source of word: "I love bright red drinks, don't you?  They taste twice as good as any other color." - L.M. Montgomery.  
Doesn't matter how I dress me or the boys, I think it's essential we have at least a splash of poppy red somewhere in our attire ... it "tastes" better to the eye(!).

/1. nifty tweezers  /2. love little card holders  /3. this head scarf: a must  /4. i've always wanted me an eames rocker  /5. block pillow  /6. love kate spade phone cases  /7. if i wore glasses, i'd like these  /8. my new diaper bag, perhaps?  /9. soooo cute  /10. one can never have too many blankets, especially scout blankets  /11. love the ink blot style print on this dress  /12. ummm, yes!  /13. these earrings

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