20 March 2014

four months ...

Since my last update, I've seen a whole new world!  Mama and Papa took me and my big brother to an amazing place where I didn't have to wear ANY layers at all.  I was allowed to be in my diaper ONLY for an entire week!  Honestly, I can't say I was too impressed with how we travelled down there [Palm Springs] ... I never had a fit on the plane, but I was ready to a couple times (who wouldn't?).  Poor Mama and Papa didn't seem super comfortable either during the airplane ride.  But at least, they were so relieved at the end of each flight!  

Not only was it relaxing to just lounge in the sun, but it was so nice to be eased into a schedule.  I think we all are (still) appreciating it!  Because it was so warm down there, I had the best sleeps and got to experience sipping 'water' - a liquid substance that doesn't come from Mama.  It felt nice on my throat, whatever it was.  I try to drink out of every cup that's in my reach now.  They can't just allow  me to drink that stuff for a week that and expect I won't go for the plunge every time I see a cup now... !!

So I pretty much am called "Hunty" or "Hunty-Bear" by Judah.  It makes me happy that he loves me so much to have a special name for me.  When we go to stores or meet people, he always makes sure that people know my name.  It's nice he does that for me at this point seeing as no one else understands the words I say!  Papa and Mama use the name too ... I think they must have been feeling left out(!).  Anytime I see any of their faces, I smile.  I just love them.

Mama brags that I'm almost sitting up, I love music, I am SO ticklish (I laugh so hard when she touches my feet!), I want to be and do things just like Judah, and that I am too smart for my own good.  I'm not really sure what all of things are, but I like that she talks about me (I just started acknowledging people when they call my name - who knew that would make them so excited?!).

Just sitting up more has given me such a different perspective on life, not even including all the experiences I've had this past month.  I can only imagine all the new stuff I'll have for you next month ...

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