28 May 2013

ten & eleven months ...

I'm finally getting to posting this!  Because these past two months have been pretty fast paced, I figured I'd just join them into a big post.  As of yesterday, Juju's already 11 months & 2 weeks, but these little facts are only sharing news up until he turned 11 months.
So...pretty much since my last update, I'm a big boy now.  I can now hold my own bottle (quite easily now), suck from a straw, climb on anything that is reachable, and am going to be a big brother.  I'm not really sure what being a brother is yet, but Mama says I'll find out in a few months.

I went on my second airplane ride to Mexico last month.  The plane wasn't the funnest experience for me or my parents.  At least they had lots of snacks for me :)  Mexico was great though.  I've got a ton of amigos to visit if we ever head back there.  Everywhere we went, I'd make a new friend.  That was great.  The heat, at times, got a bit much for me but Mama & Papa would take me into the ocean and that was heavenly.  I learnt that there is so much sand to eat, but Mama freaked out when I put it in my mouth(?!).  All to say, I can't wait for our next beach get-away (Mama typed that last sentence, but I agree with her!).

Chatting is my thing these days.  Let me re-phrase that - chatting CONSTANTLY is my thing these days.  Give me something that will fit in this hand of mine, I find a way to talk into it [like a phone].  Like in Mexico, at home, I make quite a few friends by just talking randomly to people as they walk by.  If we're at a restaurant, at church, or in our front yard, there's people to talk to everywhere!  I think my Mama enjoys meeting the new folk, but Papa isn't always impressed.

Speaking of my front yard...we officially have our own now!  Not only that, but a backyard too.  We did this crazy thing called "moving".  Mama & Papa put all of our stuff in boxes only to take it all out again...it all seemed counter-productive and I tried to tell them, but they didn't hear me I guess.  But because of this "move" we did, I can say that my new bedroom is great and I love all the stairs that I can climb up and down on.  We put my wagon in our backyard, and I love riding it - chariot style.  Daddy always pulls me extra fast...so fast that I scream.  Kind of what Mama does when I put dirt and rocks in my mouth(!!).

I'm still loving playing guitars and singing with Mama & Papa.  Hopefully, they'll let me have a mic at church soon.  AND...I've officially taken my "first steps", as Mama says.  They get SO excited when I walk between them...who's to blame them?  I do too!

So many changes and new things ... and that's only to continue!  Next month, I'll no longer be know by how many months I am, but how many years I am :)

pic pix: love this little peanut...the only way to take still shots of him these days is to bribe with snacks(!), chillin' at home, 16.May.2013 


Steve Finnell said...

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Allison Jane said...

I laughed all the way through this post! I love Judah's tales of growing up! ;) xo

-Lulu said...

I LOVED this post! He's walking! Yayyy.. can't believe how fast time flies.
Judah's an amazing narrator! <3

I loved reading his adventures. xoxo


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