18 March 2013


"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful."
John Maeda

There's something about living a simple life that grasps the essence of my dreams.  The way of life that doesn't require much...except for a pile of love and gratitude. 

Lately, we've been all too busy.  Packing to move, business decisions/opportunities/year-end, fighting sickness, preparing for the new house, sleepless nights (I think Judah's teething again??), working weekends, family events, extra-cirricular activities (or lack thereof)...blah blah blah.  We've let the right-now, "obvious" things in our equation take the importance of our time.  Over multiplication of things we've, in a sense, chosen the road of complication.

No one else is responsible for the lives we live, but us.  There are elements, yes, that we war off/accept that can change the course of our path.  But how we utilize our time and see it's outcome is something only you or I can determine for ourselves.  Our attitude and credence of value starts with a decision - a decision to not get wrapped up in the obvious.  

Simplicity is a choice.  As is chaos.  What do you choose for your time?

pic pix: some simple moments with my husband & son, 17.Mar.2013, down the street from our house


Lauren Knight said...

Such a lovely picture, and I can really relate to your words. We try so hard to live a simple life... we don't even own a television! But things creep back in and complicate life. Hope your move goes well. You have a lovely family!

sarah nadine said...

@Lauren - thanks for stopping by! simplicity is difficult, but the basics are easy...go figure! if you learn any secrets, please share :)



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