30 October 2012

four months ...

Took these shots around his actual 4 month "birthday"... finally getting to the posting part(!).

Though teething has become my new norm, I still manage to bring a happy light wherever I go with my still-toothless smile.  And that jolly jumper?!  I'm pretty sure they named that for me :)  All smiles on when I get my jump on!  I'm no longer the baby boy that likes to lay under my mobile ... I like to sit and play with my toys now.  Preferably the ones that squeak or make a lot of noise (much to Daddy's chagrin!).  I haven't gotten the hang of crawling yet, but find myself face down swimming in the carpet because I think I can.  Mama loves my giggles, so she tickles me a lot.  Bath time, mirror time, Mama time, ... they're all my favorite pastimes but there's something special about when Daddy gets home to play with me.  To add to my party tricks, I now hold a grown-up cup (with something in it!) and drink from it - it seems to get me even more attention!  I try to grab others things, but I don't get the same reaction ... I wonder why?!  Mama has let me try some new tastes, and I've loved every new exciting flavor.  I got to celebrate my first thanksgiving dinner(s), took a road trip to see my Gigi (great-Gramma), meet my second cousins...there's no end to all these new things!           

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