04 September 2012

our weekend in pictures

Moments from our labour day weekend ...

1. niece & nephew love
2. trying out the new mattress
3. the makings of holy-moly, guacamole
4. these lil 'men' crack me up
5. 'cookie happy' cousin
6. budgeting book
7. the cutest look of surprise
8. brekky in bed
9. daddy & judah's newest trick
10. an evening of rollerblading

pic pix: Calgary, 31.Aug.2012 - 04.Sep.2012


St├ęphanie said...

So lovely pictures !

sarah nadine said...

@St├ęphanie - why, thank you! you've got some nice shots over on your blog too :)


Allison Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allison Jane said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the pics! <3

fawne said...

Awww....love them all....esp. #1 and #7. So cute. How are you? I was thinking about you today. How did the rollerblading go? Looks fun.

sarah nadine said...

@Allison Jane - it WAS a great long wknd! hope yours was the same ;)

@fawne - i love how pictures let you re-live moments...these moments made/make me smile. rollerblading was GOOD! i'm pretty rusty, but it was fun anyway ;P



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