18 August 2011

tiny blues and links

tiny blues and links
Though, I haven't had time for my own writings (the second meaning to tiny blues!) ... here are some "objects of today" that have at least kept me reading, absorbing, and feeling challenged this week.

I like how the girl at ThisCabinLife wants to live simply ... this post she mentions how she wants to blog with humility.  Good reminder when we are sharing words to the world. (thanks for the link Calista!)

Over at the Anchor and the Bird, CC (a girl, as she so puts it, with "split personalities"!) is working on a project to do a kind deed every day and blog about it.  Look how long her hair WAS!!  She's inspired me to look for new openings to in turn be blessed from.

I really like the colors and perspective this photographer shares.  Especially the macro section.

My sister talked about being positive the other day ... thanks for the honesty and reminder to do the same, mi German(!) xo

Out of the Ordinary Dreamer seems to put words out there that my mind can flow with, "...it’s been rumbling in my heart brain..." as she shares what she is learning, seeing, and feeling.

pic pix: tiny mountain blues, Upper Spray Lakes, Canmore AB, Jul.2010


Anonymous said...

You're welcome - Bri is one of the best people I've known in my life and so is her sister, Cori {from here: http://www.corinnekrogh.com/blog/}. I am fortunate to call them friends as well as cousins.

So glad you've been able to stay inspired!

sarah nadine said...

calistalee~hope you know you've served as an inspiration too! it's a family of creative souls...love it !


Anonymous said...

Aw, you're a gem!


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