04 September 2014

colorboard / no.32

color: black/white/wood/gold
word of inspiration: balanced perspective +PLUS+ ... I accepted the challenge from Chairish to style a board around one of their barstools for my "perfect home bar".  I chose to create a board with the theme for an outdoor patio home bar.  This collection, might I add, would be a dream outdoor bar for a certain someone's house. **also, it was hard not to add any wicker to this board!
source of word: You have to have a little bit of everything to achieve balance.  Similar to how when these colors and their varying elements (metal, wood, woven, gold-pressed, etc.) come together, it feels complete ... balanced.   

/1. i mean, if you're going to get a hammock...  /2. gold tumblers  /3. popcorn popper - yes!  /4. perfect industrial stools for the eclectic bar space  /5. i heart gold pillows  /6. smoky lights for those smoky nights  /7. the cutest little outdoor fireplace i ever did see  /8. wood S&P shakers  /9. dearly love this blanket  /10. pineapple ice bucket ... come to my house!  /11. the coolest black cutlery  /12. i can see many uses for this gold screen.  it'd be a practical purchase, no?!

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