20 August 2014

family pics.

Last month before our vacation, my ever so talented friend, Sherah, took some photos of us down at the river.  It was a super hot day (for up here in Canada, at least!) and to dip our feet in the water was more than a refreshment.  For what she was able to capture of us in one hour, I cannot wait to frame.  Here are only a few of the treasured memories:
Sherah, you are simply amazing and have spoiled us with sharing your perspective.  Hoping to make this a yearly tradition.

pic pix: photos courtesy of Sherah, Jul.2014, Bebo Grove, FC Park AB


Calista said...

These could not get any more perfect. I love seeing you all! The pictures of your two boys in their hats is so perfect. *swoon*

sarah nadine said...

@Calista - thanks, friend! i also love me my boys in their hats :)


Eatlovemerry said...

These photos are so sweet!! x

Nicole said...

so cute...love your boys' hats!


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