27 August 2014

dear sandpoint, idaho ... i'll be back.

Originally, this post had a total of 50 pictures!  After paring down, there's still a whopping 17 photos to give you a taste of our family vacation 2014.

Sandpoint, Idaho was good to us.  Daily multiple dips in the lake, bike rides galore, sunsets that never disappointed, banana splits (with caramel & salt - yum!), beach time, nature-journaling, reading ... a true summer rest.  Our family had lots of quality time together and I felt like I relaxed more than I have for, well, years!

We are still in love with our trailer (it's a second home now!) and if we go back (which I am pretty sure is in the cards for next year one day), I hope to have a repeat of what these 2 weeks of camping were.

pic pix: Arsenault Family Vacation 2014, late July - early August 2014, Sandpoint, ID

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love them all! You four are such beauties! I shouldn't say that about men or boys, but really, they are handsome and you are beautiful. So, beauties it is!


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