04 December 2013

{glimpse} our day in pictures.

1. early morning 'bubba' (milk) in front of the Christmas tree
2. a bit of ambiance with our toast and fruit for breakfast.
3. little people.  little games.
4. it's freezing here these days ... lots of layers.
5. advent season.
6. a few minutes during naptime to dibble dabble.
7. frost - one of God's most delicate and perfect creations.
8. my guys.
9. our blurry, attempted family "selfie" before bed.


calista said...

I love each and every picture. You're so creative. And, you have gorgeous boys {the little ones}. The four of you make one handsome family. :-)

sarah nadine said...

@calista - you're so kind (and encouraging!) with your words! it's fun to share life, even the most uneventful parts. it's about making each moment an event!

hope to one day hear you say your words in person :)


amber said...

i love these photos! so cute. i love the kids playing with the stroller... that is adorable. thanks for sharing these :) looks like it was a good week!


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