28 December 2012

our christmas.

After a busy few days - from our house to the grandparents' houses and back again - I wish we could go back to capture ALL of Judah's first Christmas on video!  

We had fun lounging, visiting, EATING, and combining both of our families' traditions (Matt's family - Christmas bread & gjetost...mmmmm!  my family - getting up early to talk around the Christmas tree) and creating new traditions for just us.  The mattress was once again brought into the living room for the Christmas Eve camp out, pyjamas (and jerseys!) were all that were worn for 2 days, gifts were exchanged, afternoon naps had, the story sharing the birth of our King told & celebrated...

We were with family, we were with each other.  Regardless of how busy and packed it seemed, it was worth every moment to be together and I can't help but feeling over-the-top blessed.

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas too!


pic pix: Judah's first Christmas (1st shot - Juju's first ornament), 25-26.Dec.2012 ,Calgary AB

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