24 December 2012

merry & bright.

Merry Christmas Eve!

My computer technically fizzed out this week and I've tremendously missed sharing over here!  I'm hoping it's just a battery issue...we'll see(!).  Once I get my technical situation under control (and my head out of the 'holiday game'), I'll be back with regular posts.  Maybe my computer broke down around Christmas for a reason ... hmmm!

Within the hustle and bustle going on around us, we took this past weekend to go veg up in the mountains for a few days...our second home.  We booked a hotel and spa services (my husband rocks!) last minute and figured the 'important' things that weren't done before Christmas were just not going to get done this year.  I'm so glad we did.  The fresh -and freezing!- air did us good.  Simplifying our to-dos merited a sweet rest right in time for Christmas.

pic pix: Banff Getaway, December 21-23, 2012

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