27 November 2012

why blog?

Some people blog about a hobby, to display their photography, to communicate with their clients (as a business), to share their expertise, to express their opinions ... why do you?

Tonight, I heard this lady's experience about how she started writing a blog (just last month!) and the steps/stories leading her to it.  Perhaps a wee bit coincidental ... my question "why do you blog" was already titled to this post (in my drafts).  Coincidental, or maybe just that I am more curious to hear about your blogging story after hearing her talk about hers (which started differently, has a unique humor, has a different message to share, etc).

When I was in high school, I was part of this sociology type class where the question was asked:  What 5 things do you want to accomplish by the age of 25?  We were told to dream big, set no limits.  These were my 5 written items:

1. learn a language
2. travel the world
3. fly a plane
4. open a cafe
5. write a book

Surprisingly so (and God-graced), these "dreams" really weren't that far fetched.

1. learn a language - I had taken high school french, but really wanted to know spanish.  So that I learnt!  No, I am by no means fluent ... but I do understand and connect with it.

2. travel the world - Working for an airline allowed me opportunities to travel 4 different continents (including places I got to use some spanish!).

3. fly a plane - For my 21st birthday, Matt (who was taking flying lessons at the time) surprised me with a flight lesson ... and I can proudly say, I flew that little Cessna right over the beautiful Foothills and successfully landed it.

4. open a cafe - This was a dream I thought wouldn't happen until I was older with older children, with more money, etc, etc.  It was an overnight decision a friend and I made to DO something and not just work for "the man".  Alas, SPROUTS was founded.

5. write a book ...

As I am now 26 and writing this, I did not "technically" accomplish my last goal.  In November 2009, I thought by writing a blog I would one day (by the end of my year as a 25 year old) have material to fit into a book/ideas to go off of.  I wanted to somehow incorporate my photography, God, God's beauty, and truth.  I came up with the name "The Object of Today" from the idea that one of my images would give me inspiration to speak about ... it would be the day's "object" to look at and my words would be the "object lesson" of a message that was on my heart.

That 1st post has now brought me here: adding/sharing new objects in my life (like this little boy!), learning new and sometimes old object lessons along the way, making new friends (whom I have never seen face to face but can relate to what they blog about), and realizing a lot about myself through what I write.

What are some of your blogging "roots"?  What prompted you to start a blog?

Let me know in a comment below or by posting your own post on why you blog (and link to this post so I can read it!) ... I'm interested to read them!

pic pix: back in April @ the Main Dish, Apr.2012

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