14 November 2012

five months ...

After taking a while to get the four month post out, here's month number five ... on time!

Having five months under my belt, I'm pretty much independent ... at least I like to think so.  I sit and play by myself, talk stories to my blankets (I love blankets!), grab the spoon of food Mama is feeding me (if she'd just let go, I'm sure I wouldn't get it all over my face!).  When I need to get to a new position, I just "go" (though, Mama calls it "lunging").  So, yea, I guess I still need their help in the transportation department but, I'm quite certain I'd be able to feed myself.  I've tried some more fruits & veggies since last month ... why don't they start you right off the bat with this stuff?

There's this new trick I discovered ... it involves rotating my wrists.  I do it a good portion of the day, that is, when I'm not napping or trying to suck on my hands.  I've heard them call it "conducting", whatever that means!  In other news, I was in the bath the other day and Mama called for Daddy to come and watch me as I put my face in the water and blew bubbles.  I do it all the time now ... it's fun to make them laugh and clap for me.  After this month, I've decided that being sick and teething is not fun ... it's too hard for me to giggle in the worst of those moments.  Glad I'm back feeling better again.

I'm growing into more 'big boy' clothes, as Mama puts it (9-12 months sizes).  I even got a pair of snow pants the other day.  I wore them to the Remembrance Day service on Sunday since it was super cold.  Besides our regular day-to-day stuff, we've done some visiting with friends, hung out with family, and have had some of our own family time.  I'm just loving taking all of this in ... 

Even though Judah's forehead is a bit overexposed in this shot, his expression was too cute to not post!

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