26 August 2013

day on the boat.

We were literally on the boat for hours ... though it felt like only maybe one hour or two.  I'm relating it to kind of like how this summer has felt - moving way too quickly.  Maybe it's because you enjoy it so much it seems to go by faster?!  I don't know.  All that I am certain of is that each minute still has 60 seconds, each day 24 hours and that I can't explain how this phenomenon works!

But, back to our boating day.  It was a guys boating trip that we caught the tail end of.  A very fun tail, mind you.  The water was a bit choppy and the clouds were overcast on the day we went up, but it made for a comfortable temperature to just relax in rhythm with the water, and let the waves move you wherever & however (don't worry Mom, I won't post any videos for you and your stomach's sake!).  Judah loved being IN the boat and OUT of it!  I love the "hi mom" wave he's giving me (in the pics above).

Matt's been talking about getting a boat for weeks now... after this excursion, I think I'm really warming to the idea :)

pic pix: Judah's first time tubing, Little Bow Lake, 27.Aug.2013

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Allison Jane said...

Looks like it was a blast!



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