11 March 2012

dear NYC ... i'll be back!

It was September 2010 ... I was still working for United Airlines when I went on a few excursions.  One with m'love, my Dad, my Mom-Sister-Auntie.  All SO fun!

Was thinking about the trip to NYC with Dad over this past weekend.  Actually, more than just thinking about, I was wishing I were there.  You see ... my family (parents, sister, & brothers) were all there this weekend to see a concert (for Phil Keaggy - a personal favorite of my Dad's) at the B.B. King Blues Club.  They were sweet enough to skype me from different locations so I'd "be there".  So, in a sense, this is what I was up to (yea, thinking about!) this weekend...

pic pix: a lil getaway to the big apple, September.2010, NYC, NY

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