15 September 2010


As I'm going through some big changes right now (never have I not had a job working crazy hours, I now am working on creating an actual Sarah-schedule ... ), there are alot of "peel-backs" I am experiencing.

Like any time of a deepened evaluation and inventory of 'life', I'm dealin with taking some and losing some.  No, not all inconsistency is bad, but nor is all mellowness good.  I almost feel like I am cleaning out my fridge ... only wanting to keep the freshest of items and ones I will actually use to create something.  Others could probably relate more to 'purging' (for some reason, I don't have as much fun throwing away as I do for re-using items for alternative purposes!), maybe even a cleansing ... I see it all the same ... we're all given continuous opportunities to start afresh, clear our palette, blank our slates.

Yet, much like this wall painted over many times, through many years, with many more stories that I could not even begin to compare to my own to, there is always a tinge of color left behind.  A reminder of a lesson, a cherished smile, tears that were never seen, joy that still beams.  Change can be good ... colorful really.

pic pix: a 'composed' story on a building wall in Inglewood, Calgary, AB 

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