31 May 2010

island of color

Yet another weekend of awesome sights, unforgettable experiences, warm hospitality ... I didn't want to leave!  To have the privilege of being apart of such a special weekend (Matt's cousin's wedding), on such a special island (P.E.I.), made me feel like one special girl (which I was!!).  If there was one thing I could hone in on about this 'gem of an isle', it would be the impressing array of vivid color.  Red fertile soil serving as the undercurrent of this island's color palette, ready to cultivate potatoes, luscious greens freshly sprouted, perfectly placed, blue skies broadened overhead with blue ocean waters touching it's horizon, weathered greys whispering stories through wooden boards of buildings past ...

... take me back!!

pic pix: precious findings, Afton & O'Leary, PEI, Canada, May.2010


Ram said...

awesome pics. loved the second one.. :)

sara k arsenault said...

Hooray! I'm glad you had so much fun! Now you know why we go there so often ^_^
Miss you!


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