09 March 2010

eye-catching tones

 Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life
 ~ Vincent Van Gogh ~

What ever would we do without the cheery element[s] and colorful threads found on a color wheel?!

pic pix: [1] Meringen, Switzerland .09, [2] Toronto, Canada .08, [3] Banff, Canada .08 - all taken with a smile on my face :)


Claire said...

the pairing that you have done here is really effective.

sometimes i try to pictures things in black and white to bring clarity. at other times i search deeply and earnestly for the colour. it brings dimension and persepctive.

sara k arsenault said...

For me, we would be lost in a colourless world that just seems slient. Muted even.
I love how the pictures with colour just feel full of life!


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